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Skyrim Turns Into Card Game With Elder Scrolls Legends

by on June 15, 2015

Last night Bethesda Games, publishers of several popular game series, held their big E3 conference and revealed their lineup for the next year. The lion’s share of the attention was directed at Fallout 4 (more on that later). There wasn’t much in the way of new news regarding the Elder Scrolls series, except for this: something called Elder Scrolls Legends was briefly mentioned. The next title in the series has been revealed? Not exactly. This is a spinoff card game for your tablet, and maybe for your PC.

What would drive this kind of decision? A little something called Hearthstone, which proved that fantasy card games translated into electronic space could become just as popular and profitable as the real physical thing. Bethesda wants into that market, and it makes business sense to use a pre-existing, attention grabbing property to announce its presence. Therefore, Elder Scrolls Legends, The E-Card Game.

The plan, like Hearthstone and most other freemium titles, is to give the program out for free and then charge people out the wazoo to actually play it. In case any of you are interested, The Elder Scrolls Legends will arrive for PC and iPad later this year.

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