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Skyrim Straight vs. Skyrim Modded

by on September 9, 2014

How much can you change Skyrim before it just isn’t the same game any more? I think we’re pushing that limit with mods, as this video from JustinJNB shows.

Justin is showing off the differences between “vanilla” Skyrim and a Skyrim modded within an inch of its life. The modded version is certainly more lush and attractive, but does it keep the same character? Does it still feel like the same place? The one thing that strikes me is that there’s definitely too much bloom going on, washing out the realistic bright blue skies and green trees of Skyrim for a a paler experience.

Justin shared his list of mods on Reddit if you want to try this out for yourself:


Climates of Tamriel

HD 2k textures

AOF detailed Mountains

static mesh improvement mod

HQ Towns and Villages

Skyrim Ultra HD texture pack

Realistic Water Two

Watercolor for ENB

unique grasses and ground covers

100 density grass

glorious grasses

CM Bark (for the trees)

Lush grass and trees

Ultimate Lush Overhaul

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