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Skyrim Is Going Portable On Nintendo Switch

by on October 20, 2016

Nintendo revealed its newest console this morning: the Nintendo Switch. Proving the rumors true, the Switch is a combination home console and handheld that features a detachable screen, and controllers that detach from that. A lineup of previously unrevealed games was shown on various screens while the usual gang of models frolicked and pretended to have a blast. Most were expected: a new Mario, a new Splatoon, a new Mario Kart. But then there was a real twist. Unexpectedly, one of the games shown first was Skyrim.

Yup….Skyrim has been confirmed for the Switch! And this means that for the first time, Skyrim can be taken anywhere as a portable game.

All that’s known right now is that Skyrim is coming. What we don’t know is how it’s going to work. It’s kind of a necessity to have a wi-fi connection when playing the game, and wi-fi isn’t everywhere (it’s close to everywhere, but not everywhere YET). Will the Switch come with some kind of data plan, or will players need to leech off wi-fi wherever they can find it?

We don’t know, but answers are hopefully coming soon. The Nintendo Switch will launch March 2017.

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