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Beyond Skyrim Opens Up the Rest of Tamriel

by on January 8, 2015

Bethesda’s blog has an in-depth interview with Will Smith, one of the modders from the Dark Creations Team that has been working for three years on the ambitious Beyond Skyrim mod.

Beyond Skyrim seeks to make other areas of Tamriel available in the Skyrim engine, including Cyrodiil and High Rock.

“Beyond Skyrim is a series of interlinking mods which will ultimately allow players to visit other areas of Tamriel within the Skyrim engine. Assets for each new region are being painstakingly created from scratch, including architecture, creatures, weapons, landscapes, textures and objects created by our artists and modelers. We pride ourselves on our fidelity to Elder Scrolls lore, and our ultimate aim is to create a player experience which will fit together seamlessly with Skyrim itself, allowing players to continue their existing character’s adventures in other lands, or perhaps even sidestep Skyrim’s story entirely and experience what the rest of Tamriel has to offer,” Smith told Bethesda.

As it stands now, Cyrodiil is the most polished and near to completion of the mods, with an impressive interpretation of Bruma drawing praise. The Bruma region is the most likely to be released first, although no release date has been set.

The various modders working on the project have also created a first pass of the landmass for High Rock. Hammerfell and Morrowind are in the works but are in less advanced stages of development.

Read the full interview here.

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