Skyrim News

  • Alduin, Yes Alduin, Cosplay Will Blow Your Mind Alduin Cosplay
    Yes, you could slap some blue paint on your face and say you’re a Dunmer, but other cosplayers go way, way beyond that.
    This Alduin cosplay from Sedulous Studios took a month and a half to build, and the results shocked and amazed attendees at the recent DragonCon 2014.  It might cut down the awe a bit to see Alduin scratched behind the ears and called a “good dragon,” though.
    The photo below from Sedulous Studios’ Facebook page shows the might dragon in the course of construction, and the clever elements that went into building its “skeleton.”

     You can check out more photos of ...

  • Skyrim Cabbage Trickshot, With Bow Skyrim Cabbage Trickshot
    Sometimes the things you do in Skyrim are pointless. Sometimes they’re amazing. And sometimes they are both.
    Case in point, this Skyrim cabbage trickshot by Rabbit’s Respawn. Who knows how many tries it took him to knock a cabbage across a keep with an arrow into a tiny bucket, but he did it, damn it. He believed in himself, he did it, and that’s something to be proud of.
    Our forum members have small victories like this every day. Join us and check it out.
  • Go Retro With a Chiptune Version of The Skyrim Main Theme Skyrim Chiptune Theme
    This is what it says on the tin, a chiptune version of the Skyrim main theme that sounds like it might have emanated from your Sega Genesis if Skyrim had been released a couple of decades earlier (okay, maybe a few more instruments).
    Somehow, though, it sounds good. It sounds right.
    This version was created by tarrzo, who said on Reddit that it was made by transferring a MIDI file of the theme to this program.
  • The Cheesiest Skyrim Mod Yet Cheese Mod
    Yep, as you can see in the video, the mod adds a shout that turns NPCs and enemies, even dragons, into cheese. Delicious, delicious cheese.
    The shout is “Cheese! For everyone!” Fus Ro Dah it ain’t, but it works. The enemies are hit with a cheese wheel projectile and turn into a number of cheese wheels. It turns everyone hostile and you get a bounty added. The cheesified character is gone forever, so you can easily break the game with this mod. The mod creators suggests using it on Nazeem.
    If you want to add more dairy to your diet, you can ...
  • Here’s Your Most Extensive Look at Skywind Yet
    In this video we finally get a look at Skywind, the mod that’s attempting to bring Morrowind into the Skyrim engine, at ground level. It gives us a much better idea what it’s like to play it than previous videos that mostly featured views of the landscape through  a disembodied camera.
    The 13 minute video is from a Twitch stream, so the quality isn’t that great, but you get a good look at some of the transplanted Morrowind locales like The Bitter Coast, with giant mushroom things all over. It looks nicely alien and although it doesn’t exactly capture the otherworldly ...
  • More Amazingly Lifelike ‘Faces of Skyrim’ Faces of SkyrimA second Faces of Skyrim gallery, even more impressive than the first, has been uploaded, featuring Skyrim characters that look so real you’ll try talking to them.

    The gallery was chosen by Andrew Cull, with help from YourAverageGrunt, and Being-In-The-World, to put together what they felt were the best examples of Skyrim screenshot portraiture.

    Of course these images are modded to heck and back, but it’s just proof of how innovative users are expanding Skyrim’s shelf-life.
    You can check out all 18 images in high resolution at the full gallery here.

  • Modding in the Mouth of Madness Modding Out of Control
    A bit of modding can be fun, spice up Skyrim a bit.
    But you’ve got to be careful. The freedom of modding can also be addicting. It’s easy to go out of control. And there’s only one destination on that road.
    Take Clumsy Saunter’s parody as a warning. Mod responsibly.
    Or don’t. Now where is that Pinkie Pie mod? This video inspired me to cause some cute death, and Pinkie Pie is so much more lethal than Fluttershy.
  • Explore ‘The Art of Skyrim’ in New Video Art of Skyrim
    If it’s one thing about the world of Skyrim that impressed and still manages to impress me, it’s how much beauty there is to be found. And not beauty that comes from pushing a bunch of polygons, which will always fade. Instead it’s beauty that comes from just how well-designed and authentic the game feels as a place.
    In his new video Olivier Leclair explores the art that went into making Skyrim look so gorgeous, matching locales with the concept art that inspired and guided them. It’s interesting to see how much some of these early versions evolved and how different ...
  • Skyrim Modders Remaking Beloved PS Platformer MediEvil MediEvil Mod
    MediEvil was one of the high points of the original PlayStation, where it seemed like innovative platformers were popping onto the shelves every time you went to the video. The 1998 game put you in armor of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a skeletal knight reanimated to fight an evil sorcerer named Zarok.
    It’s well-remembered and much-beloved, so it’s not a huge surprise the first four levels are being remade in Skyrim, where every game will eventually be remade before the sad, slow heat death of our universe.
    The project, MediEvil: Hero of Gallimore, is the work of modder KorinOo and is looking very nice so ...
  • This Nightingale Statue is Fact, Not Fiction Nightingale StatueThis very detailed Nightingale statue from Gaming Heads will let you show your love for things thieving and Daedric.
    The statue is about 16 inches tall and comes in two types, a standard edition limited to 1,000 copies and an exclusive edition limited to 500 copies. The exclusive edition has a light-up base that gives a water current effect under the Nightingale’s feet.

    It’s a little bit disappointing that they only offer the male Nightingale and not the female Nightingale, but it’s still quite an impressive piece. And it comes with an impressive price, $299 for the standard edition and $329 for ...