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  • Elder Scrolls Online Beta For Consoles Coming Soon? The Elder Scrolls Online, DeshaanElder Scrolls has continued to prove that vast worlds to explore, plenty of customization, and hundreds of hours of content still please gamers to no end. For many an Elder Scrolls player, their eyes are now turned upon the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online for their next fix.
    The massively multiplayer online RPG is currently being made by ZeniMax online, and is admittedly still a ways away from being done. However, to ensure that the game is done the right way, and done right by gamers, ZeniMax is going to be doing a Beta for the console versions of the title. It ...
  • Skryim, Modded Until Reality Goes Mad
    The unofficial motto of Skyrim has become “mod it, until it breaks.” Videogamedunkey pushes that about as far as he can go in this funny video, and although he manages to do it with crashing his machine on camera, the threads of logic and sanity that hold the game together eventually pop with a quiet “ping.”
    He starts small with a Sonic mod here, a Tommy Wiseau horse abomination there, and Thomas the Tank Engine as a dragon. But it ends with a battle that fills the screen with as much crazy as he can put there.
    What’s your favorite crazy mod? ...
  • Skyrim Helps Gamer Remember Lost Brother Reddit poster lastrogu3 recently shared the heartbreaking tale of the death of their brother, and how Skyrim has helped them remember him.
    Their brother, Taylor, was a gamer who spent most of his gaming time on Skyrim, using a dark elf character he named Bear. Taylor drowned in 2013 while wakeboarding in a river, when a rope he’d used to tie the wakeboard to his ankle got caught in the roots of a tree and held him down.
    Lastrogu3 doesn’t play Skyrim any more, but they do go back to the game as a way to remember Taylor.

    “This is Taylor’s and his ...

  • Did You Find These Three Hidden Bosses in Skyrim? Just when you think there’s nothing left to do with Skyrim but, um, keep modding it and playing it forever, a Reddit user points out some stuff you might have missed.
    Titled the three “hidden bosses” of Skyrim, these aren’t exactly state secrets, but they are bosses with such specific requirements you might have missed them. The three bosses are:
    Vulthuryol, a dragon you can find in Blackreach by using the Unrelenting Force shout on an orb.
    Karstaag, a tough bastard you can resurrect in the Dragonborn DLC by obtaining his skull in the Glacial Cove and placing it on his throne in ...
  • Skyrim is Radically Remade as a New Game in Enderal Total Conversion Mod
    Enderal is an ambitious total conversion mod for Skyrim that seeks to graft a completely new game, with a new story, locations and enemies, onto the Skyrim engine. As you can see from the video above, only hints of Skyrim are recognizable in the final project, with the whole thing taking on a different look and feel.
    Bethesda recently interviewed Johannes and Nicolas, the respective Munich-based project lead and creative director for Sure AI, the modding group behind the project.
    The pair said the game has been in the planning stages since before Skyrim was released in 2011, and they started ...
  • Lego Maniac Reimagines Skyrim’s Opening
    So here we have the beginning sequence of Skyrim, remade in stop-motion Lego. The video, from The Guildmaster Studio, took about a month to make and it looks like a lot of work and creativity went into it.
    We really loved the character creation segment, which obviously lends itself well to Lego parodying. The sound is a little low in the video so we suggest turning up the volume.
  • Beyond Skyrim Opens Up the Rest of Tamriel
    Bethesda’s blog has an in-depth interview with Will Smith, one of the modders from the Dark Creations Team that has been working for three years on the ambitious Beyond Skyrim mod.
    Beyond Skyrim seeks to make other areas of Tamriel available in the Skyrim engine, including Cyrodiil and High Rock.
    “Beyond Skyrim is a series of interlinking mods which will ultimately allow players to visit other areas of Tamriel within the Skyrim engine. Assets for each new region are being painstakingly created from scratch, including architecture, creatures, weapons, landscapes, textures and objects created by our artists and modelers. We pride ourselves on ...
  • Skyrim Mashup Pack for Minecraft Out Now on PlayStation Systems Got a PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 and a copy of popular building game Minecraft? Now you can experience a Skyrim world you control with the Skyrim Mashup Pack.
    Bethesda announced on its blog that the pack, out for a while now on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, is now available to purchase on the PlayStation Store. Buy the pack once for $3.99 and you can use it on all three PlayStation platforms.
    The pack comes with a pre-made Skyrim world, but of course you can add to it. That’s the fun of Minecraft.
    Here is a rundown of the ...
  • Show Your Respect For the Daedra With Shrine of Malacath Statue Malacath is “the god of curses, the betrayed and ostracized.” So of course he’ll make a fine mantle piece for your tastefully decorated home.
    This new Skyrim-inspired statue from Gaming Heads captures the outsider Daedric Lord in all his terrible glory. The statue is 15 inches tall and will set you back $199 for a standard gray polystone edition. For $209.99 you can class things up considerably, adding a faux-bronze finish to the statue.

    You can find out more here at Gaming Heads.

  • The Blacksmiths Who Made This Helm Must Have Forged a Lot of Iron Daggers Iron Helmet
    Bethesda promoted this new video showing off an amazing recreation of the Dovakhiin’s iconic iron helmet. You know, the one that sort of sucks in the game so you throw it away as soon as you find something better?
    Matt and Kerry Stagmer of Baltimore Knife & Sword make a pretty much perfect replica of the helmet, then test it out with some strength tests that even the Dragonborn didn’t have to worry about.