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  • Things You Never Knew About Skyrim Things You Never Knew About Skyrim
    It’s possible that you do know some of the items in Did You Know Gaming’s? look at Skyrim, but there might be a few that surprise you. Here are some highlights:
    • Bethesda could have made official Game of Thrones games, based on the books, but turned down the offer to focus on Skyrim.
    • Skyrim is an intentional shift toward surreal and unique culture, a direct move away from the generic fantasy themes of Oblivion and an attempt to recapture the feeling of exploration from Morrowind.
    • The game’s main theme was recorded with a choir of over 30 people, with three performances layered ...
  • Skyrim Gets Funky in the Netherlands Skyrim Gets Funky in the Netherlands
    It’s always fun to see how Skyrim has influenced people all over the world. This is just your average crazy Amsterdam party featuring something called the Headhunterz, until the three minute mark, when things get very Skyrim all of a sudden. Even if you don’t like this type of music, check that part out.
  • Skyrim Gets an ‘Honest Game Trailer’ Skyrim Gets an 'Honest Game Trailer'
    The Honest Game Trailers series is supposed to be about using comedy to point out the flaws of a game, but the Skyrim version has the opposite effect. The ridiculous, distracting things it points out are why we love it so.
    Killing butterflies, opening all of the things, even playing as “a thief who upgrades their sneak skill to make the game 100 hours longer than it should be” aren’t things players do instead of the fun, they are the fun. So watch this and gain a new appreciation for the crazy, weird world that Bethesda has created.
  • Is it Skyrim or is it Real? Is it Skyrim or is it Real?
    This is not an image from Skyrim.

    This is not, either.
    This is a real-life costume created by folkenstal. It’s made from craft foam and thermoplastics and paint instead of Ebony Ore, but it looks just as nice as the real thing.

    You can see folkenstal’s step by step process for making the armor here.

  • Mod Adds Prettier Teeth to Skyrim’s Dentistry-Deprived Denizens Mod Adds Prettier Teeth to Skyrim's Dentistry-Deprived DenizensAre you tired of looking at those rotten brown stumps that are in every Skyrim citizen’s mouth? Be grossed out no longer, the Teeth Plus mod is here to fix Skyrim’s smiles.

    The mod by urgarulga turns the low res teeth models into something more high-res and appealing. It’s a minor thing, but tweaking the experience in whatever ways you want is what’s so cool about Skyrim modding. 
    Grab the mod here.

  • The Skywind Mod is Drawing Ever Closer to Adding Morrowind to Skyrim The Skywind Mod is Drawing Ever Closer to Adding Morrowind to Skyrim
    Here’s a nice new video showing off some of the latest work on the Skywind mod, a mod which puts the lands of Morrowind in the Skyrim engine.
    More information about the mods, including how you can help out, is available at the mod’s official site
  • A Complete Newb Tries Skyrim A Complete Newb Tries Skyrim
    Hey, we were all newbs once. Maybe not this newbish, though. Check out New Hampshire Public Radio personality Virginia Prescott’s absolute beginner’s try at Skyrim. It’s good for a couple of laughs, but it also might remind you why you like the game in the first place, as Prescott comes away impressed by the beauty of the game and sort of frustrated as she gets slaughtered.
    Here’s what Virginia took away from her time with the game: 
    Look ahead, not up.
    Know the purpose of the game before starting the game.
    Be prepared to defeat your enemies at a moment’s notice – and if ...
  • Amazing Shrine of Azura Statue Available for You to Worship Amazing Shrine of Azura Statue Available for You to Worship 
    For my money, Azura is the hottest of the Daedric Princes. Okay, okay, Sheogorath has got it going on, too, but that whole quirky clown thing is a little too played out. Too much time with him is like being stuck in a Tim Burton movie with Johnny Depp.
    So if there was any I would want to own in statue form, it would be Azura. This upcoming statue from Gaming Heads is 18-inches tall, or 1/6 scale, and lovingly detailed by artist Todor Kolev, with attention to making it accurate to Azura’s representation at her shrine in Skyrim.

    Azura’s love doesn’t ...

  • Xbox 360 Skyrim DLC 75 Percent Off This Week Xbox 360 Skyrim DLC 75 Percent Off This WeekAre you an Xbox 360 Skyrim player? Is there a piece of Skyrim DLC you’ve wanted to try but skipped because it’s too expensive. Then today’s your week, because it’s all now deeply discounted as part of Xbox Live’s Spring Sale?
    From now through April 21st the DlC is 75 percent off. that means you can get Dawnguard and Dragonborn for $4.99, and Hearthfire for $1.24.
    DLC for several other games is included in the sale, too, including Bethesda’s Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas at the same 75 discount. Check them out here:
  • Guy Proposes to His Real-Life Girlfriend Using Amulet of Mara Guy Proposes to His Real-Life Girlfriend Using Amulet of Mara
    The Amulet of Mara is, as we all know, the path to marriage in Skyrim. One decided to play by Skyrim rules in real life, leading off his marriage proposal with a gift of the amulet.
    According to Kotaku’s Patricia Hernandez:
    “I introduced to Skyrim—and he enjoys every minute of the game,” Sarah Briody explained to me via email. “I love watching him play because we both have very different game styles. We do play other multiplayer games together when we have the opportunity.”
    But her partner didn’t just want her to be an occasional co-op buddy—and the way he expressed this ...