Skyrim News

  • Which Weather-Enhancing Mod is Best? Climates of Tamriel Sunset
    So you want to change the weather in Skyrim. Because the godlike powers of modding have gone to your head and just because you can. But which mod should you use to change it?
    Hawx Gaming breaks it down for you in this nice comparison of two popular weather-changing mods, Climates of Tamriel and Pure Weather.
    Hawx puts the more established Climates of Tamriel on top overall, but he does call Pure Weather a “nice change” with its own advantages.
    If you don’t want to take his word for it, you can get Pure Weather here. And Climates of Tamriel here.
  • New Cops: Skyrim Runs The Old Raffle Sting COPS: Skyrim
    The beauty of COPS: Skyrim from the Nerdist channel is how close it gets to actual reality cop shows. If you’re a fan of Cops, uh, not Skyrim, or similar shows, these scenarios are instantly familiar, from the standard domestic violence call to the weirdos and perverts.
    My favorite in this latest season five episode is the Skyrim version of the old raffle sting. In real life, that’s when the cops call up a bunch of people with outstanding warrants and tell them they won a big prize. They all show up happily to claim their prize, and then they get ...
  • Your First Steps in Skyblivion, the Mod That Rebuilds Oblivion in the Skyrim Engine Skyblivion
    Here’s a new trailer for Skyblivion. As Skywind seeks to translate Morrowind to the Skyrim engine, so Skyblivion seeks to translate Oblivion to the Skyrim engine.
    Both projects are part of the TESRenewal project, although Skyblivion is being worked on by a separate, smaller team. Skyblivion is described as “very early in development” at this point and is seeking volunteers.
    “We currently need people who can help us recreate Oblivion assets (armor, misc item, rock, flora etc) we also need a few skilled people to help with navmeshing. For the less experienced there is a small task that need to be done ...
  • A Peaceful Day in Whiterun, Seen From Above Whiterun From Above
    This video by Ozin370 gives you a nice, serene view of Whiterun from above.
    At this scale the view is peaceful and contemplative. Oh, sure, you know Braith is down there somewhere, but at ant size she’s less intimidating. And it’s interesting to watch the tiny residents go about their routines.
    The video uses a modified Serenity ENB preset to make it so pretty. Ozin370 shot it with a shallow depth-of-field, similar to a tilt-shift, which is sometimes used to make overhead views have a “miniature” effect like you see in the video.
  • Is He Argonian? Godzilla Comes to Skyrim Godzilla Skyrim
    Godzilla heard Skyrim was where all of the dragons hung out, and he wanted a piece of that action. He also brought Mechagodzilla to have someone to fight and Rodan to just generally fly around and be annoying. The scale of this mod by quechus13 is impressive, as is how completely outmatched the player is when he gets too close.
    Nope, I couldn’t find this mod online for you to download, hopefully it will pop up soon.
  • Things You Never Knew About Skyrim Skyrim Mage Mage
    It’s possible that you do know some of the items in Did You Know Gaming’s? look at Skyrim, but there might be a few that surprise you. Here are some highlights:
    • Bethesda could have made official Game of Thrones games, based on the books, but turned down the offer to focus on Skyrim.
    • Skyrim is an intentional shift toward surreal and unique culture, a direct move away from the generic fantasy themes of Oblivion and an attempt to recapture the feeling of exploration from Morrowind.
    • The game’s main theme was recorded with a choir of over 30 people, with three performances layered ...
  • Skyrim Gets Funky in the Netherlands Skyrim in Amsterdam
    It’s always fun to see how Skyrim has influenced people all over the world. This is just your average crazy Amsterdam party featuring something called the Headhunterz, until the three minute mark, when things get very Skyrim all of a sudden. Even if you don’t like this type of music, check that part out.
  • Skyrim Gets an ‘Honest Game Trailer’ Skyrim Windhelm
    The Honest Game Trailers series is supposed to be about using comedy to point out the flaws of a game, but the Skyrim version has the opposite effect. The ridiculous, distracting things it points out are why we love it so.
    Killing butterflies, opening all of the things, even playing as “a thief who upgrades their sneak skill to make the game 100 hours longer than it should be” aren’t things players do instead of the fun, they are the fun. So watch this and gain a new appreciation for the crazy, weird world that Bethesda has created.
  • Is it Skyrim or is it Real? Ebony Armor
    This is not an image from Skyrim.

    This is not, either.
    This is a real-life costume created by folkenstal. It’s made from craft foam and thermoplastics and paint instead of Ebony Ore, but it looks just as nice as the real thing.

    You can see folkenstal’s step by step process for making the armor here.

  • Mod Adds Prettier Teeth to Skyrim’s Dentistry-Deprived Denizens Citizen With Teeth PlusAre you tired of looking at those rotten brown stumps that are in every Skyrim citizen’s mouth? Be grossed out no longer, the Teeth Plus mod is here to fix Skyrim’s smiles.

    The mod by urgarulga turns the low res teeth models into something more high-res and appealing. It’s a minor thing, but tweaking the experience in whatever ways you want is what’s so cool about Skyrim modding. 
    Grab the mod here.