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I Am Setsuna’s E3 Trailer Is Out Today

by on May 24, 2016

Perhaps Square’s most anticipated upcoming title among its biggest fans is I Am Setsuna. Final Fantasy XV may have louder hype, but Setsuna is promising a revival of old-school, Chrono Trigger-style combo RPG gameplay. And today, the official E3 trailer for the game went up on Youtube.

Was there a leak? No….Square put the trailer out voluntarily, ahead of schedule. Is this the same thing they’re going to show on stage at E3? I guess so.

As you can see, practically everything about it takes the classic approach: turn-based battles, an overhead view, an overworld map, an eventual airship, and a dramatic storyline. It’ll also bear an oldschool price at $39.99 a disc. I Am Setsuna will be available for Playstation 4 and PC on July 19. (Japan also got a Vita version, but…yeah.)

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