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  • Funny Skyrim Glitch: Bizarre Twisted Manwolf Funny Skyrim Glitch: Bizarre Twisted Manwolf
    The YouTuber here must have really, really pissed off Hircine. He tried to become a Werewolf, but got trapped in this freakish, glitchy form that’s a little more man than werewolf.
    The glitched form can use weapons, although not very well, do shouts, and can wear armor if you don’t mind some nightmare fuel. One leg appears to be mostly human. It also can’t die, as is the case will all truly unholy things.
    The model is extremely glitched and contorted, but it kind of makes sense if you’re roleplaying the character as horribly cursed.
  • ‘Indie Elder Scrolls’ Frontiers Delayed 'Indie Elder Scrolls' Frontiers Delayed
    Frontiers is an ambitious Elder Scrolls-type RPG. It’s not as polished as Skyrim, but then again, it’s made by just a couple of people, so the fact that they’ve been able to get so close has been amazing. Heck, in Frontiers you have gliders, so that’s one up on recent non-flying Elder Scrolls games.
    Unfortunately, the crowdfunded game didn’t make its planned 2014 release date, and primary creator Lars Simkins says he won’t set a new date.
    “If you look at the backers’ calendar, you can see what’s left; it’s not a trivial amount of work. I’m not going to set a ...
  • The Witcher 3 Details Leaked, Map Appears to be Huge The Witcher 3 Details Leaked, Map Appears to be Huge
    If you’re into huge open-world RPGs, and if you’re not I think you might have accidentally come to the wrong site, then The Witcher 3 is probably on your radar. The impressively realistic RPG was one of the hits of E3.
    And it has now been quite thoroughly spoiled, including the endings, by some people that leaked files onto the internet. I don’t want to say this is why we can’t have nice things, but, well, you know, it’s true.
    CD Projekt Red, the game’s developers, released a statement to Eurogamer about the leak, which occurred when one of its employee’s Google ...
  • Craglorn and Other Updates Will Be Included When TESO Launches on Consoles Craglorn and Other Updates Will Be Included When TESO Launches on ConsolesWhen The Elder Scrolls Online finally makes it to consoles, you won’t have to wait around even longer for updates like the Craglorn adventure zone to be added to the console version.
    According to a Q&A post on theelderscrollsonline.com, “most (if not all)” of the updates for PC and Mac released between now and console launch will be included on the console versions on day one. Console players are currently sitting out a six month delay from the game’s original June release date, so the news that there wont’ be any additional delays should be welcome.
    The Q&A also addressed other questions ...
  • Skyrim Piano Medley Will Brighten Your Day Skyrim Piano Medley Will Brighten Your Day
    Are there pianos in Skyrim? I’ve never seen one. If not, that’s sad, because Skyrim citizens will never get to hear this lovely piano medley of Skyrim music by Thomas Klungland.
    Skyrim music is one of the things that most evokes the emotion of the game for me, and Klungland has captured it here, albeit in a lighter form.
    Klungland says that for a limited time he’ll have the music available for download.

  • Mod Turns Skyrim Into a Creepy Wasteland Mod Turns Skyrim Into a Creepy WastelandWith Bethesda’s involvement in the Fallout series, it’s only logical that someone would take “Skyrim” and “apocalypse” and put the two together. So here’s an unusual mod that takes the vibrant and varied landscapes of Skyrim and turns them into a harsh, blighted wasteland. 

    The mod doesn’t transform all of Skyrim, it’s mostly focused on the eastern half. At this point the mod is mostly lighting and texture changes intended to create creepy “horror-like” effect, but the mod creator Vendayn eventually plans to add ruins to complete the effect.

    “My goal is to add a lot of destruction to the world…in part, to ...

  • Zenimax Lets Go 300 Employees Zenimax Lets Go 300 EmployeesIrish media are reporting big layoffs at ZeniMax’s customer service center in Galway, Ireland.
    According to the report more than 300 have been laid off at the center in the last two months. 200 of those employees were laid off after just three weeks with the company, and that includes their week of training. As one employee complained:
    “In April, the company said it wanted 200 more workers. They went through a week of training, worked for two weeks and were let go. These would have been people taken in on two to six-week contracts.
    “Four weeks ago, another 50 were let go, and ...
  • Wii U Zelda Captures a Bit of That Skyrim Feel Wii U Zelda Captures a Bit of That Skyrim Feel
    What’s the first game that gave you that “Skyrim feeling?” That feeling that you’ve got a whole huge world to explore laid out in front of you and you can do whatever you want?
    For me, and I’m sure for a lot of gamers, it was The Legend of Zelda for the NES. Zelda was always an “open-world” game, but as time marched on and the series moved into 3D, that openness shrunk more and more to manageable, bite-sized chunks that would fit in the memory of Nintendo’s consoles. And Elder Scrolls and other games were where I turned to get that ...
  • New Elder Scrolls Online E3 Trailer New Elder Scrolls Online E3 Trailer
    No Fallout 4 at E3, at least not yet, but here’s a nice new trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online. 
    The “Live Another Life” trailer doesn’t reveal any new information, but it does show off an impressive amount of scenarios, locations and combat designed to entice those who haven’t jumped on the TESO bandwagon yet.
    Will it work? Did it work on you? Let us know in the comments.
  • Explore Daedric Ruins in New Skywind Trailer Explore Daedric Ruins in New Skywind Trailer
    The joy of Morrowind was that it was so weird. In some ways very much like an alien world. For me transitioning from silt striders and strangeness to the more generic fantasy environment of Oblivion was a sort of aesthetic whiplash, and one of the reasons Oblivion captured my imagination slightly less than Morrowind.
    The Skywind team, which seeks to recreate Morrowind in the Skyrim engine, seems to get that. Their latest video focuses on the Daedric Ruins in Morrowind, one of the weirder things you can come across. Ported into the Skyrim engine, they look quite beautiful, and that essential ...