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  • Skywind Alpha Coming Soon Skywind Glass Armor
    Here’s a nice new progress video for Skywind, the project that seeks to reboot Morrowind in the Skyrim engine.
    The video is filled with impressive visuals, but perhaps the most tantalizing part is white text on a black background at the end, which teases a “Public Developer Alpha” coming soon. Details to come
    What that means exactly is the “to come” part, I guess. It doesn’t not sound like it’s a straightforward alpha for bug testing, it may only be available to those who have resources or skills to put toward the project.
    You can go to http://tesrenewal.com/ to keep up with the latest news ...
  • Couch Co-op For Skyrim? There’s a Mod in the Works Skyrim Couch Co-OpExploring Skyrim can be a beautiful, but lonely experience. Sure you’ve got followers and pets, but they’re more like pack mules and shields than other people.
    Some people feel that the loneliness adds to the beauty.
    But if you don’t, there’s a mod that will allow you to let a friend tag along.
    Couch Co-Op Companion is in alpha and nowhere near finished. It allows your friend to essentially plug in a controller and start controlling a companion on the same screen. And yeah, you can keep your AI companion if you need Lydia to carry stuff and complain.
    The modder Nenilai Xilodel explains the ...
  • Character Creation Goes Completely Out of Control in This TESO Parody ESO Onion Ad
    OK, this is an ad. But it’s a hilarious ad. This sponsored content from The Onion hypothesizes a version of The Elder Scrolls Online where a player can design their character right down to the DNA.
    Spend five hours designing a liver? Sure thing.
    Of course, if your knowledge of human anatomy and the biomedical sciences isn’t comprehensive, well, your character will die. Or become a horrible mutant.
    Is it weird that I actually want this? Or at least a more user-friendly version. I did spend hours trying to get my Oblivion character to look as much like Alyson Hannigan from Buffy ...
  • Watch Fallout 3 Beaten in Under 24 Minutes Fallout 3
    I personally spent close to 100 hours exploring the Capital Wasteland if Fallout 3, so seeing this guy do it in 23 minutes and 55 seconds is both impressive and a little sad, because he runs by so much cool stuff. I’m sure, however, to get good enough to do this he must have played the game in full several times.
    This speedrun is from BubblesDelFuego, beating his own old record of 24:20. The run is what’s known as an “any percentage” run, which means just getting to the end.
    Of course it’s not all done straight through, or in anything like ...
  • Get the Most Out of TESO Alchemy With This Guide TESO Alchemy
    Here’s a very good guide to alchemy in The Elder Scrolls Online by Odin Online.
    The video shows you how to mix various waters and reagents for their maximum effects in potions and poisons. It also goes into other benefits of leveling the alchemy skill. It’s well edited and pleasantly laid out.
    I know that messing around with plants and potions doesn’t seem that cool compared to running around and hitting things, but as in past Elder Scrolls games, in TESO it can be very useful. If you do it right you can make some serious gold and help you out in ...
  • Skyrim Just Keeps Getting Prettier, Thanks to Modders
    This latest version of the Skyrim RealVision ENB is pure porn. The graphics have been tuned up so much by this series of modifications that it looks almost like a new game. If people want to keep shining up Skyrim indefinitely, I’m down for it.
    This new trailer for the ENB does a brilliant job of showing off how lifelike and beautiful everything can be.
    I am a little thrown by the fact that this Skyrim video features a voiceover by Leliana of the Dragon Age series, as part of a cover version of “Leliana’s Song” from that series. But it is ...
  • Funny Skyrim Glitch: Bizarre Twisted Manwolf Skyrim Half Werewolf
    The YouTuber here must have really, really pissed off Hircine. He tried to become a Werewolf, but got trapped in this freakish, glitchy form that’s a little more man than werewolf.
    The glitched form can use weapons, although not very well, do shouts, and can wear armor if you don’t mind some nightmare fuel. One leg appears to be mostly human. It also can’t die, as is the case will all truly unholy things.
    The model is extremely glitched and contorted, but it kind of makes sense if you’re roleplaying the character as horribly cursed.
  • ‘Indie Elder Scrolls’ Frontiers Delayed Fronties
    Frontiers is an ambitious Elder Scrolls-type RPG. It’s not as polished as Skyrim, but then again, it’s made by just a couple of people, so the fact that they’ve been able to get so close has been amazing. Heck, in Frontiers you have gliders, so that’s one up on recent non-flying Elder Scrolls games.
    Unfortunately, the crowdfunded game didn’t make its planned 2014 release date, and primary creator Lars Simkins says he won’t set a new date.
    “If you look at the backers’ calendar, you can see what’s left; it’s not a trivial amount of work. I’m not going to set a ...
  • The Witcher 3 Details Leaked, Map Appears to be Huge The Witcher 3
    If you’re into huge open-world RPGs, and if you’re not I think you might have accidentally come to the wrong site, then The Witcher 3 is probably on your radar. The impressively realistic RPG was one of the hits of E3.
    And it has now been quite thoroughly spoiled, including the endings, by some people that leaked files onto the internet. I don’t want to say this is why we can’t have nice things, but, well, you know, it’s true.
    CD Projekt Red, the game’s developers, released a statement to Eurogamer about the leak, which occurred when one of its employee’s Google ...
  • Craglorn and Other Updates Will Be Included When TESO Launches on Consoles When The Elder Scrolls Online finally makes it to consoles, you won’t have to wait around even longer for updates like the Craglorn adventure zone to be added to the console version.
    According to a Q&A post on theelderscrollsonline.com, “most (if not all)” of the updates for PC and Mac released between now and console launch will be included on the console versions on day one. Console players are currently sitting out a six month delay from the game’s original June release date, so the news that there wont’ be any additional delays should be welcome.
    The Q&A also addressed other questions ...