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  • Pillars of Eternity Now Officially Out Pillars of Eternity Now Officially OutRemember the year 2012, when Kickstarter could do no wrong? That was when Pillars of Eternity was first proposed as a new action RPG for computer gamers. Fashioned in the tradition of Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment, the game involves a heavily customizable hero or heroine from one of six distinct races traversing the overhead-viewed fantasy world of Eora. The project gained over 70,000 backers and racked up $4.5 million dollars in donations for its developers, Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive, prior to its release.
    For the developers of the game, putting their dreams into fully budgeted, heavily polished reality is ...
  • Mass Effect 4 Being Mocapped As We Speak Mass Effect 4 Being Mocapped As We SpeakThis morning Bioware, developers of the next Mass Effect game, tweeted this image from the mo-cap studio currently miming out the game’s cutscenes.
    “Getting our motions on at TheCaptureLab in Vancouver. A very cool scene for the next #MassEffect,” the message accompanying the image said.
    The next Mass Effect was confirmed to be in development back in 2012, but Bioware will probably not be calling it Mass Effect 4, as they feel the original Mass Effect trilogy was about Commander Shepard, who won’t be back for this game. Instead the next one will feature a new protagonist (and maybe begin a new ...
  • Etrian Mystery Dungeon Shows the JRPG is Still Kicking Etrian Mystery Dungeon Shows the JRPG is Still Kickinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKtS0QjIxqk
    RPG fans sometimes get gloomy when reminiscing about traditional Japanese RPGs. There was a time when the Chrono Triggers and Final Fantasies dominated, at least on consoles, but those glory days seemed to have faded a bit.
    But they’re not gone completely, especially if you play on handhelds. Etrian Mystery Dungeon is living proof. A mashup of the Mystery Dungeon series and the Etrian Odyssey series, it’s hard to image a more specifically Japanese thing, and the fact that it’s getting a U.S. release April 7 on the Nintendo 3DS shows there’s obviously still interest in JRPGs in the west.
    This latest ...
  • Skyrim Helps Gamer Remember Lost Brother Skyrim Helps Gamer Remember Lost BrotherReddit poster lastrogu3 recently shared the heartbreaking tale of the death of their brother, and how Skyrim has helped them remember him.
    Their brother, Taylor, was a gamer who spent most of his gaming time on Skyrim, using a dark elf character he named Bear. Taylor drowned in 2013 while wakeboarding in a river, when a rope he’d used to tie the wakeboard to his ankle got caught in the roots of a tree and held him down.
    Lastrogu3 doesn’t play Skyrim any more, but they do go back to the game as a way to remember Taylor.

    “This is Taylor’s and his ...

  • Here’s Some Stuff You Can Buy in The Elder Scrolls Online With Real Money Here's Some Stuff You Can Buy in The Elder Scrolls Online With Real MoneyThe Elder Scrolls Online’s Crown Store won’t open for business until the game drops its subscription model March 17, but here are some previews of some items you’ll be able to spend real money on when it does.
    The items pictured in the three images below are vanity items. Some of them are similar, but not necessarily exactly the same, as exclusive rewards that were given out for loyalty and special promotions. Note the Blackwood Monkey, which is so similar to the Imgakin Monkey that was given away to beta players the description makes note that it’s not the same.
    The offerings ...
  • PAX East: No Witcher 1 and 2 Re-Releases Planned for New Platforms PAX East: No Witcher 1 and 2 Re-Releases Planned for New PlatformsAt a panel at last weekend’s PAX East conference, CD Projekt RED quashed a fan’s hopes that The Witcher 1 and 2 would get a re-release in conjunction with the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
    Company staffers said a re-release was considered but they decided the resources could be better used on The Witcher 3 and other projects. A re-release isn’t ruled out entirely but for now you might want to hold on to your old copies.
    Devs also revealed that The Witcher 3 won’t have a dedicated “photo mode” like the ones that are all the rage in PS4 ...
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Brahmin? Learn About Fallout’s Synthetic Humans in New Lore Video Do Androids Dream of Electric Brahmin? Learn About Fallout's Synthetic Humans in New Lore Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqGzZeF5Eg8
    Here’s a very well-made new Fallout lore video from Shoddycast that takes a deep dive into the history of androids in Fallout.
    Fallout’s retro future can be disarmingly low-fi, so some times it’s possible to forget that the technology exists in that timeline to create androids so realistic that they can be mistaken for human. In some cases, the androids don’t even know they’re not human. And the NPC you are talking to could be one without you being able to guess.
    This video focuses on the source of the androids, the Commonwealth and its mysterious Institute, and how the androids escape ...
  • Video Shows Off ESO’s New Features Video Shows Off ESO's New Featureshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvZ5Ejx1M7w
    For months ZeniMax has been telling us the 1.6 update for ESO would be better, but sometimes showing is more convincing.
    So ZeniMax has put out this video that shows the bullet points of what to expect in the new version. The big changes are the Justice System, which allows you to steal and kill and just generally do bad things, and the Champion System, which lets you keep improving your character even at the highest levels.
    From what we’ve seen, the Justice System has been enthusiastically adopted. Cities are littered with the bodies of NPCs and it’s not hard to see ...
  • Experience Massive Elder Scrolls Battles With Total War Mod Experience Massive Elder Scrolls Battles With Total War Modhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgbFZxWpfPE
    Remember the times in Skyrim when what was supposed to be a massive civil war seemed a bit underwhelming in scope? This total conversion mod for Medieval 2: Total War – Kingdoms seeks to provide a more epic experience.
    The mod replaces the units from the strategy game with units representing factions that were active in the Oblivion and Morrowind games, 20 factions in all. The storyline stretches from 3E 427 y. – 4E 45 y., to cover events of the those games plus historic events like the Red Year and Storm Crown Interregnum.
    It also contains some attempts at Elder Scrolls ...
  • Elder Scrolls Online 1.6.5 Update Out Now Elder Scrolls Online 1.6.5 Update Out NowThe Elder Scrolls Online entered a new era today, rolling out an update that will transform the game from a subscription-based service to a buy-to-play game.
    The 1.6.5 updates adds a new Justice system, a Champion system for high level character improvement, a cash shop and much, much more. It clears the way for ESO to drop its mandatory subscription model and become The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited on March 17. The console versions of the game, out June 9 on PS4 and Xbox One, will also be based on the 1.6 update.
    Although the cash shop, known as the Crown ...