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  • Square-Enix’s TGS 2015 Lineup  
    You may be following the news coming from PAX, but the industry never sleeps, and another trade show is just around the corner. Next month the Tokyo Game Show commences in Japan, and Square-Enix revealed today what it plans to show on the floor.
    Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, the fifth game in the sci-fi/fantasy series, will make its playable debut at TGS. It is unknown what is in the demo, but Japanese fans will be able to take the game for its first public spin at the show.
    The other playable title on the TGS floor will be a “Battle Challenge” ...
  • DRM-Free Fallout And Elder Scrolls Games Come To GOG Developer Bethesda has announced that a large selection of games from their past are now available for purchase from the digital PC games merchant GOG. Gamespot obtained a full list of what’s there now:
    Elder Scrolls (buy all three and save 33 percent)

    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition
    The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard
    The Elder Scrolls: Battlespire

    id Software (buy all three and save 33 percent)

    Quake, includes Mission Pack 1 and Mission Pack 2
    The Ultimate Doom
    Doom II + Master Levels for Doom II + Final Doom

    Fallout (buy all three and save 66 percent)

    Fallout 2
    Fallout Tactics

    In recent months publisher support for ...

  • New Mod Video Merges Worlds Of Skyrim And GTA skyrimModder Adam Pinkman used Grand Theft Auto V, and a lot of mod packages created to manipulate it, to recreate the Skyrim trailer in Los Santos. He succeeded, but not without a lot of hard work.
    “It was quite challenging with the scenes,” Pinkman told Polygon in their story on the video. “I had to use other mods to accomplish these types of shots for instance. When people are panicking and rushing all over the streets, I used the Chaos Mod.”
    As you might imagine, the hardest part was getting a dragon to appear in GTA V, which doesn’t have an asset ...
  • New Skyrim Mod Adds Splatoon Gun splatoonElements from Splatoon have been modded into various other games over the past few months, and now it’s Skyrim’s turn.
    A Japanese modder who goes by the name Higeyoshi has developed and released “Peryitoon,” a modification that adds the Splattershot gun from Splatoon to the weapons arsenal in Skyrim. It really works and it really blankets everything it touches in ink. Have a few looks:

    It also functions as a weapon. According to Higeyoshi, in the Elder Scrolls universe the Splattershot “harnesses the divine protection of Peryite and fires a powerful poison that weakens enemy health.” Plus, it’s just fun to ...

  • Fallout 4 Team Spent A Lot Of Time On Weapons and Combat Fallout 3For a game like Fallout 4, where doing almost anything is possible, you wonder where Bethesda spent a lot of time on certain things. Did they focus on the landscape more? Or combat and RPG aspects? Did they do what they felt would be best? Or go by what they thought the gamers would enjoy more?
    Well, Pete Hines talked about this topic, and though the overall game was a priority, certain aspects did receive a lot of focus. Mainly, weapons and combat.
    “The first-person combat, the guns and melee is something the team spent a lot of time on trying ...
  • Bethesda Focused On Completing Game First, But Is Ready For DLC Ideas It goes without saying that Bethesda’s upcoming Fallout 4 is HIGHLY anticipated. To the degree that numerous people are already clamoring to play it and test out its versatility and amazing scope. With so much going on with it, and so much promised, you have to wonder where Bethesda’s focus is in regards to the game itself. Well, Pete Hines wishes to put all fears to rest. Cause the main focus of the entire team? Is to get the game done.
    “I can tell you with all confidence that right now the team is one hundred per cent focused on the ...
  • Fallout 4 Was Intentionally Revealed When It Was To Please Numerous Departments Within Bethesda When a game is released is important, when it’s announced relative to that is just as important. For Fallout 4, the game was announced officially in June, a little before E3 in fact. Then at E3 it was announced that it was going to release in November, a mere six months away at the time. Why did that happen? Well, according to Peter Hines, it was a collective decision to help please many at Bethesda. Not the least of which was Todd Howard.
    “If you ask Todd he’d probably prefer like a week or even a day between announce and launch,” ...
  • You Can Go The Entirety of Fallout 4 Without Crafting What you can and cannot do in video games is very important to the core of the game itself. This goes double for games that try and have as much as possible in them. For the upcoming Fallout 4, a lot of care and detail was put into the crafting system, which will allow you to make pretty much any weapon you can think of, and reconfigure armor to your specifications. Also, you can craft and fix up buildings and villages to your desires. You’d think that this would mean it’d be mandatory for certain things in the game to happen ...
  • Fallout 4’s Story Will Be “Kept Under Wraps” Until Launch fallout 4If we’re being honest with ourselves, we live in an age where leaks of information are everywhere. It is to the extent that many key things about certain video games can be spoiled before they’ve even been scheduled to be revealed (looking at you Smash Bros.). For Bethesda, and their upcoming Fallout 4 title, they know that very well and have thus been on lockdown about key parts of their game. This goes especially for the story, which we only know a little bit about, and even then that’s bare bones. So will we know more before the launch? Not if Pete ...
  • Here’s What Square-Enix Will Be Showing Off At PAX Prime PAX PrimeSquare-Enix Inc. has released a full list of upcoming titles that they’ll be showing at PAX Prime, as well as a few conferences and events they’ll be holding at the event. It’s quite the lengthy list, and the majority of games in the Square stable will be fully playable. Plus, there’s a strange charity event where the Hitman character is being used to support the fight against cancer….okay.
    PAX Prime begins in Seattle on August 28, and lasts through the 31st.
    LOS ANGELES (August 20, 2015) – Square Enix® today announced its lineup for Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Prime 2015, coming to ...