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  • Bethesda Teases Fallout Edition Of Monopoly Today the official Fallout Twitter account, run by developer Bethesda, posted this picture:

    “When #Fallout4 monopolizes family time, you can always bust this out (coming soon!)” they said.
    The big surprise here is not that there’s going to be a Fallout-themed Monopoly board, but that there wasn’t one already. You would know this by one visit to the hobby store, but every single intellectual property with even a slight cult following has its own themed special edition of Monopoly based around it. There’s apparently a large section of collectors who look for these, and Hasbro is only too happy to feed their ...

  • Fallout 4 Action Figure On The Way fallout 4There’s more with the Fallout 4 brand coming than just a game. Developer Bethesda shared these photos today of a prototype for a Fallout 4 collectible statue depicting the Power Suit.

    It won’t be sold like this. Since it’s just a prototype, details like color haven’t been added yet. We don’t know the exact pricing or availability for the Power Suit figure either, nor a release date. The figure is still early in development. When we know more about the Fallout 4 Power Suit figure, we’ll report on it.
    The game itself is coming out November 10 for Playstation 4, XBox ...

  • Elder Scrolls Online’s First Expansion Is Out On PC elder scrolls onlineThe first major expansion pack for Elder Scrolls Online is now live, at least if you’re a PC gamer. Imperial City, ESO’s first expansion of a planned string of quarterly releases, is now available for download. The expansion adds numerous extra quests, items, characters, and a new storyline involving a forced takeover of the titular city.
    Rich Lambert, creative director for Elder Scrolls Online, says “The Imperial City is special. Not only because it’s our first DLC, but because it’s a huge milestone for us as a studio. We are now able to shift our focus from business model changes and ...
  • Nintendo Announces Special Edition Of Xenoblade Chronicles X Over the weekend Nintendo announced a sleek, sexy Special Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles X would be coming to North America. The announcement was made during Pax Prime.
    Just look what you get in addition to the game: a 100-page artbook, a matted art card featuring an illustration from artist Takashi Kojo, and the digital soundtrack on a stylized USB drive that looks like it came out of the game. It all fits inside that fancy box, suitable for any collector’s shelf.
    Tantalized? Too bad, it’s already sold out. Amazon went through their anticipated stock in three hours, and every “lesser” online merchant ...
  • The Great Final Fantasy XV Infodump, Part Two final fantasy xvNow more about Prince Noctis’ car, the Regalia. One of the main goals of the game creators was to make sure players enjoy driving the car around, because after all, they’ll be doing it a lot. There are several points of view available: you can drive the Regalia in third person, with the view coming from the back of the car, or you can cruise around in first-person using the view of anybody currently in the car. If you don’t feel like driving at all, you don’t have to: you can set the controls to “Auto” and just let it ...
  • The Great Final Fantasy XV Infodump, Part One final fantasy xvLast weekend during Pax Prime, Square-Enix dropped a boatload of Final Fantasy XV information so large, we can’t contain it in one newspost.
    Prince Noctis’ friends and travelling buddies are named Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus. You’ll get to know them through performing optional sidequests with them. You’ll want to do them, seeing as the more time you spend with each of these characters, the stronger their attacks will be when they battle with you. The car is intended to be another character in the game, though it won’t speak or anything — it’s just a car.
    Square revealed several locations in the ...
  • Square-Enix’s TGS 2015 Lineup  
    You may be following the news coming from PAX, but the industry never sleeps, and another trade show is just around the corner. Next month the Tokyo Game Show commences in Japan, and Square-Enix revealed today what it plans to show on the floor.
    Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, the fifth game in the sci-fi/fantasy series, will make its playable debut at TGS. It is unknown what is in the demo, but Japanese fans will be able to take the game for its first public spin at the show.
    The other playable title on the TGS floor will be a “Battle Challenge” ...
  • DRM-Free Fallout And Elder Scrolls Games Come To GOG Developer Bethesda has announced that a large selection of games from their past are now available for purchase from the digital PC games merchant GOG. Gamespot obtained a full list of what’s there now:
    Elder Scrolls (buy all three and save 33 percent)

    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition
    The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard
    The Elder Scrolls: Battlespire

    id Software (buy all three and save 33 percent)

    Quake, includes Mission Pack 1 and Mission Pack 2
    The Ultimate Doom
    Doom II + Master Levels for Doom II + Final Doom

    Fallout (buy all three and save 66 percent)

    Fallout 2
    Fallout Tactics

    In recent months publisher support for ...

  • New Mod Video Merges Worlds Of Skyrim And GTA skyrimModder Adam Pinkman used Grand Theft Auto V, and a lot of mod packages created to manipulate it, to recreate the Skyrim trailer in Los Santos. He succeeded, but not without a lot of hard work.
    “It was quite challenging with the scenes,” Pinkman told Polygon in their story on the video. “I had to use other mods to accomplish these types of shots for instance. When people are panicking and rushing all over the streets, I used the Chaos Mod.”
    As you might imagine, the hardest part was getting a dragon to appear in GTA V, which doesn’t have an asset ...
  • New Skyrim Mod Adds Splatoon Gun splatoonElements from Splatoon have been modded into various other games over the past few months, and now it’s Skyrim’s turn.
    A Japanese modder who goes by the name Higeyoshi has developed and released “Peryitoon,” a modification that adds the Splattershot gun from Splatoon to the weapons arsenal in Skyrim. It really works and it really blankets everything it touches in ink. Have a few looks:

    It also functions as a weapon. According to Higeyoshi, in the Elder Scrolls universe the Splattershot “harnesses the divine protection of Peryite and fires a powerful poison that weakens enemy health.” Plus, it’s just fun to ...