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  • Story Of Seasons Sequel Coming Here In 2017 story of seasonsA few days ago we reported Natsume’s announcement of a new Harvest Moon game for 3DS. We also pointed out that Natsume now develops its Harvest Moon games in-house, where previously they had them made by a third-party studio called Marvelous. Marvelous, in fact, still makes Harvest Moon games to this day…they just go by a different name now.
    They’re called “Story of Seasons” these days, but contain the same gameplay and graphics, since no one owns the singular concept of a farming game. And now XSeed Games has announced they will be publishing the second Story of Seasons game (also ...
  • E3 2016: World Of Final Fantasy Trailer world of final fantasySome video game companies are starting to release their E3 trailers ahead of schedule, like so. Today Square released their new trailer for World of Final Fantasy. The two, normal-proportioned characters are twins Reynn and Lann, who traverse the world of Grymoire while meeting many big-headed representations of classic Final Fantasy characters. They can even turn into chibi people themselves, as the trailer shows, though for what purpose no one knows yet. You’ll also be able to capture any of the iconic FF monsters you encounter and train them on your own. Finally, a Malboro on YOUR side!
    Hopefully they’ll work ...
  • Persona 5 Comes Out February 5, 2017 persona 5We now have a solid release date for Persona 5: February of next year. Those of you who were expecting the game sometime in 2016 are no doubt disappointed, but to be realistic, in such a crowded year this game would have gotten lost. February is traditionally a dead zone for game releases and with no competition, Persona 5 could do well there.
    The good news is that Atlus has the boxart finalized, as well as its plans for a special edition of the game. Check it out….

    It’s still coming out for Playstation 3 as well; they haven’t forgotten about you ...

  • Remaster Of Final Fantasy XII Coming In 2017 ffxiiAs of last month, Square-Enix has released HD versions of every main game in the Final Fantasy series, save one. You might have been wondering “will they get to number twelve?” Wonder no more; that announcement came today.
    FFXII is a sprawling political tale set in the world of Ivalice, a Square-owned realm that’s borne some of the company’s best games (you need to play Vagrant Story sometime if you haven’t yet). When I say sprawling, I mean the character you control has nearly nothing to do with the storyline at all — it’s mainly a power struggle out of your ...
  • Check Out The First Screenshot For Phoenix Point! The creator of the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown, not to be confused with the modern remake Enemies Unknown, is coming out with a new game with developer studio Snapshot Games. Called Phoenix Point, will apparently play much like XCOM, but with certain differences according to Julian Gallop. The screenshot below shows a bit about the title, as it shows a character being able to shoot specific body parts of the enemy they’re engaged with.
    Gollop defines Phoenix Point as “an XCOM style of game with the modern presentation and tactical mechanics of the Firaxis reboot with an open world, strategic level ...
  • You May Have To Download Fallout 4’s Far Harbor Again far harborBethesda has issued an updated version of Far Harbor, Fallout 4’s new DLC expansion, on PS4. However, for unexplained and mysterious reasons, it can’t be applied via normal means.
    The main issue appears to be performance — on Playstation 4, Far Harbor runs at a sluggish 20FPS at any area that contains lots of volumetric fog to render. This update will fix that problem, but it doesn’t just install itself. Here are the steps, courtesy of Bethesda:

    Confirm Fallout 4 is not running. Highlight Fallout 4 in your PS4 dashboard, press Options, and select Close Application to ensure Fallout 4 is not ...

  • Lead Designer For Civilization VI Talks What Makes Game Special It’s no surprise that Firaxis is doing numerous interviews to get positive word out about Civilization VI. Lead Designer Ed Beach sat down with BA Start Gaming and talked about several new features in the game, as well as things not previous reported. Check it out via the video below:
  • Caravans Getting New Function In Civilization VI It’s clear that in Civilization VI, there’s an attempt to be less like a micromanager and more like a strategist. As the team at Firaxis are doing what they can to make things less automated and make even the smallest unit feel more important.
    It is this line of thought that they decided to make it so that the caravan units are the only way to build roads early on the game.
    “We thought that was a good way to go for the early game, because historically roads were built along trade routes,” says Lead Designer Ed Beach to IGN.
    You will ...
  • All Of Civilization VI’s New Features In One Video There is often a kind of information overload when a new game is announced. Mainly because between the fans wanting information, and the developer desiring to tell as much as they can without spoilers, there’s a lot to contend with.
    For Civilization, the need for information is paramount, as each new version brings its own unique twists and augments to the game. Civilization VI is no different, as Firaxis dropped numerous tidbits and information about the game that might have gotten lost in the midst of the wealth of information.
    The video below not only show gameplay footage of Civilization VI, but ...
  • Gameplay Preview For Civilization VI Upon the announcement of Civilization VI, many were wondering how it would look and play compared to previous Civilization games. Some were lucky enough to get a test of it after the announcement was made, and some were even able to record it.
    This near 30-minute gameplay preview shows Civilization VI and many of the visual and gameplay aspects you can expect. It’s long, but it’s worth the watch.