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  • Existence Of Final Fantasy XV Season Pass Leaked season passAha! Looks like Square is planning some bonus DLC content over the twelve months after Final Fantasy XV comes out. Or at least that’s the standard span of time for such things. For the first time ever, a Final Fantasy game will offer a Season Pass.
    This fact came to light today when Sony stuck an item called the Season Pass Upgrade on the Playstation Store. “This Upgrade is a special deal for customers who have already preordered the FINAL FANTASY XV digital edition,” it says. A method of buying the digital edition AND the Season Pass was also made available ...
  • Another Persona 5 Gameplay Video persona 5We’ve seen the main title, we’ve seen the first 18 minutes (which were mostly cutscenes)…now, finally, here is what Persona 5 looks like when you actually play it. This is about a minute’s worth of gameplay footage from a typical, ultra-stylish Persona 5 fight.
    This isn’t completely what Persona 5 will be like once Westerners get it. Naturally, the voices will sound different and you’ll be able to understand what everyone is saying. But that version won’t be coming for a while. Persona 5 won’t be out in Japan until September and the English version won’t be complete and in stores ...
  • Nova Covert Mission Pack 2 Arriving For StarCraft II Tuesday With expansions of the Starcraft races done, Starcraft 2 continues to get new content through Blizzard’s Mission Packs. The next one to arrive is the second addition to the Nova Covert Ops missions line. With that, Blizzard has made a post on their website about the new missions.
    Spoilers ahead if you have not played the fist mission pack.
    “In the first mission pack, Nova awakened in a strange facility owned by the Defenders of Man with no recollection of her last mission . . . or of being wanted for terrorist strikes against the Dominion.
    Through much effort, she infiltrated a Defenders ...
  • Christopher Tin Returns To Civilization To Compose New Theme Music is an important aspect of any game, as it’s the music you’re listening to that helps get you through boring sections of gameplay like going from one place to another. Or, it can help sell the emotions that are meant to be felt in a cutscene.
    Though Civilization is a series more known for its gameplay than its music, Firaxis isn’t skimping out on making it as good as they can. For they have hired Grammy Award-winning composer Christopher Tin to write the theme for Civilization VI. Ironically, it was a song for Civilization IV that earned him the only ...
  • Qin Shi Huang Leads China In Civilization VI For many, China has been one of the most powerful countries in the world for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. So it’s no surprise that they have been announced to be returning to Civilization VI.
    Joining the country is not only some unique history units and buildings, but also famous leader Qin Shi Huang. It was he who helped expand China to its massive size that stands to this day, so it’s fair for him to be leading the country in the game.
    Gunpowder, discovered in China around 9th Century AD, was initially only used for fireworks ...
  • Japan and Hojo Tokimuni Enter Civilization VI Japan, the land of the rising sun, steeped in tradition and history, and a country held in high esteem to this day, has returned for combat and glory, and will get its chance in Civilization VI. They will be led by Hojo Tokimune, and have many unique aspects of Japanese culture as a part of their gameplay:
    “Unique Unit: Samurai
    Samurai, or known as Bushi class, existed for nearly a thousand years in Japan. Bushido (“the way of the warrior”) was a codified set of rules and way of life adopted by a large number of noble clans throughout Japan. The samurai ...
  • France and Catherine de’ Medici Arrive In Civilization VI Civ VI has a powerful roster already, but now, the Civilization website has revealed that France has returned, and Catherine de’ Medici will lead them into the new world.
    As per other posts, the unique units and abilities of France were also outlined:
    A group of elite veteran soldiers formed by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1799, the Garde Imperiale often received better compensation, equipment, living quarters and rations during war, much to the dismay of the other soldiers in service. The Garde Imperiale were divided into three different groups – the Old, the Middle and the Young – and served ...
  • Civilization VI Pre-Order Bonus Is Aztec Empire A post on the Civilization site has revealed a  pre-order bonus for those who purchase Civilization VI early, though it will come to all eventually after a set period of time:
    “Starting today, those who pre-order Civilization VI will exclusively gain early access* to the Aztec civ, led by Montezuma I, when the game launches on October 21, 2016. After 90 days, this content will unlock for all Civilization VI players at no additional charge.”
    They also outlined the unique units that would come with the Aztec Empire, including their unique Wonder of the world:
    Within the Aztec army existed ...
  • Rough Riders and Teddy Roosevelt Come To Civilization VI In a post on the Civilization website, it was revealed that 26th President Teddy Roosevelt would once again return to lead the United States in Civilization VI.
    Along with him come the unique units that will only be available for the US. Here are the breakdowns:
    “Unique unit: Rough Rider
    The 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry, better known by its colloquial moniker the “Rough Riders,” was a regiment recruited and raised by Theodore Roosevelt in 1898 AD to fight in the Spanish-American War. This volunteer regiment included 1,060 ranchers, cowboys, college athletes, miners and other rugged outdoorsmen hailing from New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma ...
  • Shenmue 3 Gains New Director From The Original Game shenmue 3Ys Net, developers of the upcoming, long-awaited and fan-financed Shenmue 3, announced today in a new Kickstarter post that another director who worked on the original Shenmue has joined their team.
    Keiji Okayasu was program director on the first game and served through 70% of the second. He’s now president of a small Japanese development company, but he jumped at the chance to contribute to another Shenmue. Okayasu spoke in a new video accompanying the post.
    “I have just recently joined the team. I thought I would be another fan waiting excitedly for the release, but as it is, I get to ...