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  • E3 2016: Yes It’s True, Gwent Is Going Solo gwentA week ago, a European trademark filing was spotted that pointed to the creation of a stand-alone title for Gwent, the card game previously playable only within The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It was legit: today during Microsoft’s E3 conference, the first trailer appeared.
    Gwent: The Witcher Card Game works a lot like other card-collecting apps. Online card duels will be supported cross-platform between consoles and the PC. This feature, however, is rare: Gwent will also contain a single-player Campaign Mode. Gameplay is pretty much Gwent — if you’ve played the game in Witcher 3, you should be ready to play ...
  • E3 2016: Newly Revealed Battle Scene From Final Fantasy XV final fantasy xvFew people were expecting Final Fantasy XV’s first E3 appearance to be during the Microsoft conference, but that’s what happened. We expect much more of this game to be shown during Sony’s conference later this evening, but for now, enjoy this fight against a giant hand.
    This was one of two battles against gargantuan titans shown off during Microsoft’s presentation, the other one belonging to Scalebound (we’ll be getting to that game soon). Despite its scale, this behemoth must not be very strong if it can be taken down by a miniscule Noctis repeatedly stabbing its hand.
    As for the context of ...
  • E3 2016: Three More Add-Ons Revealed For Fallout 4 fallout 4Fallout 4 isn’t finished yet! Bethesda showed off three additional expansions for the game beyond Far Harbor (previously believed to be the “last” DLC). Here’s what they do….
    Expansion #4 is called “Contraptions” and will be released next week. It expands your building abilities with tracks, conveyor belts, and elevators, allowing you to construct absurd Rube Goldberg-style chain-reaction devices. Following this will be “Vault-Tec Workshop,” an expansion that will let players create their own massive vaults, and within those vaults, the sinister ability to experiment on DWELLERS. Mwahahahaha!
    The third DLC, “Nuka World,” will come out in August. It could be the ...
  • E3 2016: Skyrim Coming To PS4 And XBox One skyrimIt’s been a long time since we’ve been able to report on news relating to this site’s namesake, but today’s the day.
    Bethesda revealed the news during their E3 press conference tonight: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is coming to current-gen consoles! Of course it’ll be remastered, polished and pretty, but you’ll be able to make it prettier (or weirder, depending)….because mods will be allowed as well! Also coming for the ride is the entirety of downloadable content released to date.
    Here’s the footage Bethesda showed everyone. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition is coming to Playstation 4 and XBox One on October ...
  • E3 2016: First Big Look At Mass Effect Andromeda mass effect andromedaElectronic Arts showed off a two-minute video showcasing the progress of their Mass Effect Trilogy follow-up, Mass Effect Andromeda, today during their EA Play conference.
    Unfortunately Mass Effect Andromeda is still too far away to attach a release date (2017 is the vague promise), but we got a great look at the various worlds that await players by then, as well as some half-second peeks at the creative process behind the game.
    As BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn explained, “you are the alien” in the Andromeda galaxy — while past Mass Effect games have taken place in well-colonized areas where the various ...
  • New Let’s Play Show Total War: Warhammer DLC Final Battle Despite beliefs to the contrary, video game developers do post official Let’s Plays of their titles. Often with a specific purpose or goal. Whether it be to highlight a specific story element, show off gameplay, or just impress, they do do them.
    For SEGA and Creative Assembly, and their title Total War: Warhammer, they decided to release a Let’s Play showing off one of the final battles in the Chaos Warriors DLC. This is deep into the game, and potentially spoilerish, so you have been warned.
    “Archaeon may be the Everchosen, but to the Chaos God Tzeentch – Changer of the Ways – nothing ...
  • Square-Enix’s 2016 E3 Schedule squareJust like Nintendo, Square-Enix will be running a livestream presentation of its games throughout the E3 event. I’ll tell you ahead of time that there is no Kingdom Hearts 3 listed here — every game is one that’s close to completion (which makes sense….you don’t want an unfinished game freezing up due to a bug in front of everyone, which has happened). You WILL get to see live plays of Final Fantasy XV, Star Ocean 5, Dragon Quest Builders, World of Final Fantasy, I Am Setsuna and more.
    To watch the livestream during E3, head to Square’s YouTube or Twitch channels..
    Monday, ...
  • Fallout 4 Was Briefly Free On Xbox Yesterday fallout 4To everyone reading this who was super-busy yesterday and had no time to turn on their XBox One consoles and unwind….yeah, this was the ONE DAY. Figures, doesn’t it?
    Due to some kind of error, the price of Fallout 4’s digital version on the XBox Store was reduced to $0.00, and so was all the DLC content and the Season Pass. While this was in effect, Kotaku reported they were able to get the purchase through with no issues.
    Shortly after the media started reporting on it, though, Microsoft noticed and temporarily removed all Fallout 4 items from the marketplace. Representative Larry ...
  • Witcher 3’s Gwent Will Soon Be Sold Separately gwentWithin The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you can play a card game known as Gwent. It looks like soon the $60 barrier to this game will be removed — Gwent is about to become its own entity.
    You might remember that CD Projekt Red spoke of a side project they were working on. Back in March they mentioned “a new type of video game format previously unexplored by the studio” that would come out in 2016. Red has not announced the Gwent game themselves, but a recent filing with the European Union Intellection Property Office has revealed the logo and a ...
  • Watch The New E3 Trailer For Kingdom Hearts 2.8 kingdom hearts 2.8Kingdom Hearts 3 is the one everybody’s waiting for, but it won’t arrive for a while yet. This filler game will have to suffice for now: Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is a remaster of the 3DS’s Dream Drop Distance as well as Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, containing about an hour’s worth of new content.
    On the bright side, we may be getting this trailer before E3 because E3 itself could be packed with new Kingdom Hearts 3 information! We’ll let you know in a few days if anything turns up. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 comes out for Playstation 4 this December.