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Remaster Of Final Fantasy XII Coming In 2017

by on June 6, 2016

As of last month, Square-Enix has released HD versions of every main game in the Final Fantasy series, save one. You might have been wondering “will they get to number twelve?” Wonder no more; that announcement came today.

FFXII is a sprawling political tale set in the world of Ivalice, a Square-owned realm that’s borne some of the company’s best games (you need to play Vagrant Story sometime if you haven’t yet). When I say sprawling, I mean the character you control has nearly nothing to do with the storyline at all — it’s mainly a power struggle out of your hands. FFXII was controversial when it was released, mainly for doing away with turn-based battles in favor of an automatic system where you would simply approach a monster and the characters would attack for you. Timesaver, or overcompensation for lazy gamers? You decide.

The remaster will be called “Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age” and be based on the Japanese International version of the game, which means some extra content the US and Europe never saw. New additions to this version include a redone soundtrack, but Square promises you’ll be able to flip back to the original score if you don’t like it.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age was confirmed for all territories this morning, and will be out sometime in 2017 for PS4.

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