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It’s One PVP Player Verus the World in This TESO Video

by on August 28, 2014

Here’s a The Elder Scrolls Online PVP video that manages to be impressive despite the fact that the player in question is buffed to the gills and arguably abusing some holes in the game mechanics, such as one that allows players to essentially block with their backs turned. Sure, he’s exploiting as much as he can, but he’s exploiting with style.

The video starts with a hardboiled line from Taken, then follows Sypher’s Dragonknight through lots of Sypher-versus-everyone-else PVP. On Reddit Sypher was unapologetic about his buffs and exploitation of the quirks of PVP, saying ¬†they are built into the game and other players use them, too.

“It will always come down to using the features provided by the game. So when they do fix blocking and “cripple” I will just use other features to improve myself. It comes down to skill,” Sypher said.

You can read that whole raging argument here. But what do you think? Let us know on our forums and Facebook page.

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