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If You Ordered Zero Time Dilemma’s Limited Edition, I’m Sorry

by on June 29, 2016

The final chapter in the Zero Escape trilogy is out! Now millions of fans can finally enjoy the story that was nearly denied to them….unless they purchased the Limited Edition of the game. Those who made that choice are still waiting.

Like with the other two Limited Editions, the special version of Zero Time Dilemma was supposed to come with a real-world replica of the watch characters wear in the game. However, Aksys reports that when they received the watches from the factory, they arrived damaged. This necessitated sending them back for a redo, and made shipping the Limited Edition on time impossible.

The hardest part of the job was going to be pacifying angry fans. Aksys marketing manager Danny Miscevich tweeted about the watch problem but assured customers they would still get the game portion of what they bought on time. “ZTD watches are delayed, all versions of the game are not,” he said. “Bonus or not, games are here and shipping on time.”

Except…they aren’t. The Limited Edition was only offered on the Amazon and Gamestop websites (and only for an hour, since that’s how long it took for them to sell out). Nobody who ordered the Limited Edition on either website has gotten their copy of the game. Some Amazon customers have been told their shipment has been moved to mid-July or later.

So…..what gives? “That’s something we’re currently discussing with Amazon,” Miscevich told Kotaku when they looked into it. “The issue is still obviously not fixed and we’re working together with them on this until it’s reconciled. We’ll keep you posted on updates as they develop.”

The only folks playing Zero Time Dilemma right now are those who preordered the vanilla edition or bought it from the shelf.

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