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Odin Sphere Being Ported — To NES

by on November 20, 2015

The original Odin Sphere was one of the highlights of the Playstation 2 library — a sidescrolling action-RPG with beautiful handpainted art, not to mention sheep that grew on trees. Atlus is currently working on an HD version of the classic game, for digital release on Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and PS Vita. But now there’s an extra port in the works: Odin Sphere for 8-bit systems.

As a publicity stunt, Atlus launched a Twitter campaign to spread word of the remaster — if they received 28,888 tweets, they would begin work on a retro version of the game with chiptunes, blocky graphics and 4 colors per sprite — just as it might have looked had it come out around 1990 or so. The stunt worked; Atlus got that amount of tweets in no time, and now they’ve begun work on that version.

While the downgraded 8-bit Odin Sphere won’t actually be sold for the NES (unless some fan figures out how to make a repro cart), you should be able to play it as long as you have access to a PC — it will be embedded into an Atlus webpage and be playable on any browser. The throwback version currently has no release date, but the HD version will be available in the spring of 2016.

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