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Noctis’ Car Is Faster Than A Chocobo, And Other New FFXV Factoids

by on June 1, 2016

The chocobo used to be the fastest way to get around on any Final Fantasy overworld. Then the automobile was invented. Now the car belonging to Prince Noctis is the fastest thing on land! Eat dust, yellow birds!

This new fact was among many revealed during the latest Active Time Report from Square-Enix, broadcast live earlier today. In terms of transportation, it may be easier to drive than to fly. Director Hajime Tabata told viewers they’ll eventually get an airship, but they might have trouble landing it (if they fail, they’ll have to start back at the last checkpoint). We already know from the last trailer that Noctis’ car eventually gains the ability to fly. Is this the “airship”?

Unfortunately, Tabata also confirmed that FFXV won’t be quite as open-world as players were hoping. Make no mistake, it will be FAR more open than FFXIII, but you won’t be able to simply go anywhere at first — FFXV’s wide vistas will be introduced one at a time as you travel and progress the storyline. You’ll have the ability to insta-warp, but only to locations you’ve been to before. Think Xenoblade Chronicles.

Tabata assured viewers that despite the trailers making FFXV look like an action game, it is an RPG at its core and doesn’t forget that. The gameplay features will be introduced gradually, with the ability to tweak them to players’ liking. It’ll have a character progression system that’s similar to a skill tree, and characters will be able to equip themselves with weapons they can upgrade. Noctis will have seven weapon types to pick from. Tabata would not reveal what they were since they were tied to the storyline.

FFXV is looking good. Go ahead and watch the entire ATR — if you know Japanese.

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