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Nintendo Announces Special Edition Of Xenoblade Chronicles X

by on August 31, 2015

Over the weekend Nintendo announced a sleek, sexy Special Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles X would be coming to North America. The announcement was made during Pax Prime.

Just look what you get in addition to the game: a 100-page artbook, a matted art card featuring an illustration from artist Takashi Kojo, and the digital soundtrack on a stylized USB drive that looks like it came out of the game. It all fits inside that fancy box, suitable for any collector’s shelf.

Tantalized? Too bad, it’s already sold out. Amazon went through their anticipated stock in three hours, and every “lesser” online merchant was soon emptied.

A lot of people don’t know this, but the original Xenoblade Chronicles had an artbook, as a preorder bonus when you bought the game at Gamestop. It wasn’t nearly as fancy as this thing’s is going to be, but if you went to a Gamestop and put money down, you were guaranteed to have one. I miss those days.

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