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Mods Coming To XBox One Version Of Fallout 4 Soon

by on May 9, 2016

Bethesda Game Studios announced today that a closed beta would begin for the mod tools in Fallout 4 on XBox One. The promised feature has already been added to the PC version of the game, and already over one million downloads of mods have been counted by Bethesda. It, too, had a closed beta before the full product launch, followed by an open beta, followed by the release. The process took about a month. Users can expect the same for XBox.

Bethesda didn’t provide a specific date (you can only get so much from a tweet) but said the closed beta should begin shortly after the new DLC, Far Harbor, arrives. That happens May 19.

What does this mean for the Playstation 4 — will it be last to this party? There’s been no announcement from Sony whether the open beta will happen on PS4 at the same time or not, but we’ve been assured Fallout 4’s mod features will eventually be enabled on every console it’s playable on.

If you want the mod that adds lightsabers to the game, as pictured above, it was created prior to the introduction of Bethesda’s mod kit.

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