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Mod Turns Skyrim Into a Creepy Wasteland

by on June 16, 2014

With Bethesda’s involvement in the Fallout series, it’s only logical that someone would take “Skyrim” and “apocalypse” and put the two together. So here’s an unusual mod that takes the vibrant and varied landscapes of Skyrim and turns them into a harsh, blighted wasteland. 


The mod doesn’t transform all of Skyrim, it’s mostly focused on the eastern half. At this point the mod is mostly lighting and texture changes intended to create creepy “horror-like” effect, but the mod creator Vendayn eventually plans to add ruins to complete the effect.

Skyrim Horror Mod

“My goal is to add a lot of destruction to the world…in part, to show the war of imperials vs stormcloaks vs thalmor has taken a huge hit to the land. That, and the effects of Morrowind itself going into Skyrim,” Vendayn writes.

You can get the mod here.

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