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You Can Now Mod Fallout 4 On XBox

by on May 31, 2016

Bethesda promised fans of Fallout that they would be able to apply mods to at least one console version of Fallout 4 before May was over. They nearly broke this promise, but just under the wire, they pulled it off: XBox One support for Fallout 4 mods starts today. You’ll be able to upload your creations directly to the Bethesda server, and download from a wide variety of existing ones using their new menu.

The Creation Kit does everything its computer cousin does, with one exception: since we’re dealing with the limited hard drive space of a console, no single mod can be larger than 2 GB. If this is too limiting for you, well, it just goes to show consoles still have a way to go before they can do everything the PC platform can.

That just leaves Playstation 4, and Bethesda’s currently on it. They are promising the Creation Kit will become available on the PS4 sometime in June (so….June 30?)

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