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Microsoft Lists Feb. 24 release Date for The Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One

by on January 9, 2015

A newly updated product page from Microsoft shows The Elder Scrolls Online releasing Feb. 24 on Xbox One.


Debates are already raging about whether this is the real date for the console releases or just another placeholder. Bethesda has said they want the Champion and Justice systems from the upcoming 1.6 update to be fully implemented before the console versions are out, so although it would be possible, it seems a little soon.

Adding fuel to the fire that ESO is soon going free-to-play, the product page does not mention the game requiring a subscription other than Xbox Live. It does, however, list the game as a full-price retail game, generally free-to-play games are also free to download.

One Reddit user took it upon themselves to ask Microsoft customer support about the game, and the CSR confirmed the listing was real and that no subscription would be required. They screencapped the conversation here. Of course, CSRs aren’t the final authority on products, so we are waiting on confirmation from ZeniMax.

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