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Do Mages Have Less Fun in Skyrim?

by on February 27, 2014

Does Bethesda hate mages? A recent article, where The Escapist’s Shamus Young makes just that point, is worth reading and discussing.

Young lists several points to support his theory, from mage robes being “stupid and boring,” to destruction skills not scaling with skill level.

“I’ve leveled numerous mages and numerous fighters. There’s no comparison. Melee isn’t just slightly ahead of magic. It’s massively, outrageously more powerful, safer, more expedient, more thrilling, and more profitable. Going from fighter to mage has a bigger impact on difficulty than the actual difficulty slider. As a fighter you’ll kill faster, have less between-fight downtime, see more cool animations, make money faster, get more interesting and useful loot, look cooler, and die far less often. This is a massive middle finger to anyone who wants to be a wizard,” Young writes.

Personally, I always play at least one mage character in every Elder Scrolls game, because I’ve got an evil mage, Jaira, that I like to roleplay.  I actually roleplay her in every game where you can create a mage. Yes, I’m that weird guy. Being a mage in Skyrim is definitely more challenging and annoying sometimes, but the difficulties always seemed like part of the fun, to me.

But I want to know what you think. Go to the comments and the forum thread for this post and tell me if you think mages are fun to play or if they are broken. And if they are broken, what can be done to fix them?


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