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Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Be Even Simpler And Cleaner

by on June 23, 2015

How do you feel about load times? Yeah, no one else likes ’em either, which is why many game developers try to avoid them if they have the resources or manpower. Tetsuya Nomura, director of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, is one of those resource-rich developers. He’s aiming for every world in the game to flow seamlessly from one end to the other, with no breaks in between when Sora reaches an area — Engadget was told this in an exclusive interview.

Speaking of those worlds, what other new places does he have planned? We already know about the Tangled area, but what else is waiting for us? The reviewer tried to pry the information out of him, and though they didn’t succeed, they got some clues. “Compared to previous titles that we folded into Kingdom Hearts, we have a lot of creators still alive. The process of gaining approvals then is pretty different. Because the animation studios are actively involved, we want to polish up anything we meet to the standards we demand, before taking it to Disney to approval.”

Note the wording here: “studios” plural, which might mean we’ll finally see some Pixar worlds in the KH universe. “A Lot of creators still alive” means more worlds from recent properties. Engadget asked about Frozen specifically, and got the response “We’re not saying anything on titles not yet announced.” Which isn’t definitive, but isn’t a “no.”

Tetsuya said they are aiming for Kingdom Hearts 3 to be the biggest game yet, with more worlds than Kingdom Hearts 2, but also notes that worlds can and do get cut during the development process. For this reason he wouldn’t confirm the number, or any specific worlds that are coming, for plans could change. But Tangled is apparently a lock.

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