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New Kingdom Come: Deliverance Screenshots

by on May 4, 2015

New screens from upcoming RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance have now been released. The game’s developer, Warhorse Studios, is trying to create something completely different: meaning a medieval RPG (set in middle-ages Europe, circa 1403) that has no fantasy elements whatsoever. As for how such a game will play, they want to make it a mix of influences including Skyrim, The Witcher and Red Dead Redemption, though they’ve also mentioned Braveheart as an inspiration. There will be battles, there will be leveling up. But no out-there monsters and no spells — none. If there’s a Witcher, he won’t Witch.


In the place of fantasy will come strategy: since it’s based on the real world, you will need to make your own armor, or earn enough to buy some. And actions that would go ignored in other games have real consequences here: if you kill someone that played a vital role in a town’s economy, you won’t get a new guy instantly that fills the same role.


What’s even more impressive is that you’re looking at a Kickstarter game. A Kickstarter game that’s achieved near photorealistic graphics. It was money well spent!


Kingdom Come: Deliverance is in development for PC, Playstation 4 and XBox One. A release date has yet to be revealed.

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