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Hulu Buys TV Series Based On Myst

by on May 8, 2015

One of the most iconic games of the CD-ROM era was Myst, a point-and-click exploration title where you slowly wandered around prerendered scenery. It might bore people today, but it was cutting-edge and fascinating when CGI was new and rare. Remember, these were the days when the girl from Jurassic Park would find a CD-ROM screen more exciting than an island full of living dinosaurs.

For the last couple years, someone with money has been trying to force a Myst TV series into being. They are closer than ever now, with an actual deal in place: Hulu has purchased the exclusive rights to produce and “air” the series, if it is made. All that’s preventing it now is script approval. If Hulu likes the pilot script they get (which is currently being scribed out by Evan Daugherty), the show will immediately start production. The contract is for a script-to-series deal, bypassing the pilot stage entirely.

Evan Daugherty has previously written the scripts for the first Divergent movie and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the Bay version), which means….yikes. Well, until we’ve seen the finished product, who can say for sure. The Myst rights are currently held by company Cyan Worlds, and the show will be produced by Legendary Entertainment.

Hulu: A Sinister Plot To Destroy The World. Enjoy.

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