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A House Fit for a Redguard

by on October 21, 2014

You ever think your Redguard might feel a little out of place in Breezehome? Or the other properties in vanilla Skyrim? Sure, they’re nice enough, but they probably feel nothing like the sandy desert abodes of his or her youth.

Enter Khune, a mod by Elianora that adds a modest but stylish house in Redguard style. The mod adds the house to Markarth Hold and it comes with lots of amenities for your Redguard, including:

– Custom sword
– See-through windows
– Hidden treasure room with display for unique items
– Bath (no buffs or frills, just a bath)
– Custom beds (double and 2 for followers)
– All crafting except Spider Lab
– Stables for horse
– Plenty of custom, safe storage
– Unique house architecture
– 9 HF planters

You can download the mod here to try it out.

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