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The Last Guardian’s Got Framerate Issues

by on December 5, 2016

After a wait of nearly ten years and two consoles, Team Ico’s The Last Guardian is finally out to purchase and enjoy…..but that doesn’t mean the work is over. Some players are finding the new game comes with a lot of framerate issues, especially on the original PS4.

The website Digital Foundry created their own test by playing the game on the PS4 and on the PS4 Pro. The Last Guardian even stuttered on the Pro, dipping to around 20 FPS when rendered in 4K. On the 1080p setting there wasn’t much issue….but on the original machine the game fared even worse, chugging as low as 10 FPS in some spots.

Should this affect your decision to buy the game? No. I can’t imagine Sony or Team Ico just letting this sit. There has to be a patch on the way that will smooth out the issues. And personally speaking, I lived through the later Rare titles on the N64, and fighting slideshow render times doesn’t slow me down. Other gamers have reported issues with the camera though, as well as getting Trico to do what they want (though that latter issue was an intentional part of his AI).

It’s revealing when you consider The Last Guardian was meant to be a PS3 game but wouldn’t run on that system at all. Apparently Team Ico’s goals were so lofty that the most advanced PS4 to date can’t compute them with ease.

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