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In Fire Emblem Fates You’ll Be Allowed To Date….Your Brother

by on December 23, 2015

Nintendo has taken heat from a certain end of the Internet for cutting a certain feature out of Xenoblade Chronicles X: namely, a very skimpy erotic outfit for one of its characters. The character happened to be a 13-year-old girl. There were those who cried “Censorship!!” at this but, uh, I think I fully understand this one. If you’re sore about it, you’ll be happy to know a feature of Fire Emblem Fates that could be very controversial has been left in: you’ll be able to date many characters in the game, and this includes those from your own family.

Thing is, though, the family you start out with in Fire Emblem Fates is not your biological family. You grow up in the royal family of Nohr, and after you discover how brutally evil King Dad is, you must choose whether to stay with that family or join the rebellion. You could very well not be part of that family anymore by the time your former sister or brother goes gooey for you. (Besides, historically, incest has been common among royalty, right?)

Excuses aside, it’s not realistic. Whether a person is your brother or not, as long as you grow up thinking so, you’ll always feel so. The majority of adopted children can’t bring themselves to love their siblings in a biblical sense, unless they’re Barry Allen from the Flash TV series. It may not be biologically wrong, but it’d FEEL wrong.

But according to Alexa Ray Correia, the Gamespot journalist who brought this feature of the game to light, “The new romancing options make Fates’ relationship system feel more akin to what you do in the real-world.” Which tells me more about Alexa than I’d like to know. Fire Emblem Fates comes out February 19 for the 3DS and will be the most customizable FF yet — you’ll be able to choose your own gender and pick out either a male or a female mate — even if that happens to be Sis.

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