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New Fire Emblem Fates News, Including Custom 3DS

by on January 20, 2016

Nintendo threw some new announcements out to the public regarding Fire Emblem Fates, the new strategy JRPG that’s coming in two different versions. First thing: there’s more! It turns out there’s going to be a third option to this story (besides Birthright and Conquest), but only through DLC. “Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation” has your character choosing neither side and striking out on their own. This extra game will cost $19.99 and require either the Birthright or Conquest cards.

It’s upon hearing this news that the price for the deluxe special edition of the game is a little easier to swallow. It comes with a combo card that has all three versions of Fates on it for $79.99. Previously, when this saga was presumed to be only split into two games, 80 bucks sounded like a ripoff (since it was the same price as buying them both separately). But now it actually sounds like a way to save some cash, and it also comes with an artbook and carrying case.

There’s more: a New Nintendo 3DS XL has been revealed that has special Fire Emblem Fates artwork. The downside? There’s no game inside! Maybe they assume you’d rather pick for yourself? They could’ve put the combo card inside, but nooooo….

All these things can be yours starting February 19, when Fire Emblem Fates ships to stores in all its forms.

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