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Final Fantasy VII Gets Its Own Monopoly Board

by on June 29, 2016

If you haven’t been keeping up on the number of licensed properties that have been given their own versions of Monopoly, trust me: it’s a lot. And now Final Fantasy VII joins the ranks with their own special board, coming in 2017.

The irony here is that none of the main characters shown on the box were in any sort of advantageous financial position. In fact, the Monopoly had already been established: the Shinra Corporation. How do you even play the game when it’s already been won?


In effect, playing Final Fantasy VII with Monopoly mechanics changes the game’s story entirely. Rich Uncle Barretbags decides to start buying property instead of blowing it up, eventually gaining enough clout to engineer a hostile takeover of Shinra. Once he does, he breaks the company apart and sells the pieces to foreigners. Cloud puts a 33 zillion Gil bounty on Sephiroth and just lounges around Costa Del Sol sitting mai-tais and waiting for Seppy’s head. Aeris lives, and later hosts her own talk show.

Final Fantasy VII Monopoly can be preordered for $50 on the website Merchoid. The game arrives next April.


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