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Final Fantasy VII Comes To Android Devices

by on July 7, 2016

The number of electronic gizmos out there capable of playing Final Fantasy VII just went up by millions today as Square introduced an Android version of their most famous RPG.

This is the same version of FFVII that has been available on iOS for some time, and contains the same features as the modern Steam and Playstation 4 versions. The polygonal Lego people are high-def but the backgrounds are a bit blurry, Square having lost the original renders (they threw them out as late as FF9, by that point they should’ve known better). There’s a fast-forward button for tedious grinding, an option to turn off enemy encounters and, if you’re a complete wimp, you can also max your characters’ stats mid-battle and force a win (but anyone who does this is a disgraceful cheater).

Final Fantasy VII can be played on any compatible Android phone or tablet today for $15.99.

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