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New Final Fantasy XV Footage: Dungeons, Malboros And More

by on August 10, 2015

Square-Enix has released three new screenshots from Final Fantasy XV (which they’ve promised we’ll get in 2016).


This is a shot taken within Restalm, a city within the region of Duscae. Wonder if this city follows a major battle and you’re supposed to “rest” there. Final Fantasy names tend to be on-the-nose.

final fantasy xv

Here’s our party, travelling between areas. Who needs horses or airships when you got a sleek black sports car?

final fantasy xv

And this is Ido, a dungeon area. Looks awesome.

There’s also new gameplay footage, released for Gamescom, that shows the party’s encounter with the dreaded Malboro. Show any Final Fantasy veteran a picture of a Malboro and their first instinct will be to flex their fingers into wherever the “run” button was located. You have to really know what you’re doing to face an enemy whose bad breath inflicts every bad status in the game upon you, and oftentimes, a Malboro comes up when you’re completely unprepared. Even a Tonberry, whose attacks take 95% of your life away, is easier to deal with than a Malboro.

In the game footage, the encounter has the expected effect. The Malboro instantly kills everybody. You’ll get to see what the Game Over screen looks like.

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