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Final Fantasy XV Director Addresses Complaints

by on April 29, 2015

Last month, when the Final Fantasy XV demo was released, Square-Enix asked for feedback from players, to see if there was anything they felt needed improvement. Now they’ve brought forth Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata and marketing manager Akio Ofuji to address the most common concerns they heard.

One of the most frequent comments was about drops in the frame rate. Tabata said Square is still working on that one. Apparently the game’s special effects and UI are dragging the CPU down, and have to be refined further so that they don’t. They addressed camera complaints by vowing to make more options available and fix the camera controls to make them “smoother.” On the subject of graphics, there was no anti-aliasing in the demo, but they promised it would be in the final.

One of the complaints they recieved a lot was about Cidney, the series’ first female Cid, who works in the game as the team’s car mechanic and walks around all day with her mammaries hanging out of her jacket, held only in place by a threadbare bikini.

“She’s actually not meant to be an erotic character,” said Tabata. “Her character is very energetic and outgoing, a very active character. With those traits paired with her appearance, we feel it wouldn’t be too problematic even if, say, she shows up on screen while your parents are in the living room.”

I guess that depends on the kind of parents you have. But what makes it most suspect is that most car mechanics don’t tend to work in outfits more appropriate for a day at the beach. When this was explained to Tabata, he saw their point, but added “She is a very cheerful and active character, I don’t think we want to change the current concept.” Translation: they’re not budging on this one.

Several more questions — 15 in all — were answered during the presentation. Head to Eurogamer to see them all. Final Fantasy XV currently has no release date in any territory.

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