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Final Fantasy 9 Finally Available On Steam

by on April 14, 2016

After being repeatedly teased, hinted at, tested and pulled, Final Fantasy 9 is now, finally, solidly for sale on Steam forever.

FF9 is one of the favorites among Final Fantasy fans for its lighter tone, its imagination and its vibrant cast of characters (the last time we would get something besides weirdly-clothed static humans). This Steam port features enhanced textures, Steam achievements, trading cards, auto saves and cloud saves. Backgrounds will still be foggy since Square lacked the foresight to save the originals.

One other, possibly more controversial feature the Steam version of FF9 will sport is the ability to cheat with the push of a button. Square says the game now has a high speed mode and a “no encounter mode, which will allow players to automatically master equipped weapons and gear, as well as maximize character levels, magic stone counts and gil.” Final Fantasy 9 appeared on phones earlier in the year with this feature in it, which is fine for the Village Fool who plays phone games, but Steam gamers could take it as a bit of an insult.

But you don’t HAVE to cheat, and why would you? Play Final Fantasy 9 the way it was meant to be played, one grind at a time, on Steam today.

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