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Final Fantasy 11 Ended Today On Consoles

by on April 1, 2016

So….were you aware Final Fantasy 11 was still playable on PS2? It totally was, until today, and that’s no joke. Square’s first online MMO, now 16 years of age, ceased to operate on Playstation 2 and XBox 360 as of March 31, 2016.

FFXI started in Japan in May of 2002, and at its peak had over 500,000 players. It also pulled off cross-platform play before it was cool: PS2, 360 and PC players could all interact with one another. To Square’s credit, they’ve kept the game eventful up to the very end. They announced over a year ago FF11 would be shut down, and then over the course of three updates, wrapped up the game’s storyline for good. The final update went live in November of 2015.

FFXI will continue on PC, but it’s unknown for how long. Square is done giving story updates, but the game is going mobile sometime this year with the creation of a new app.

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