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Fallout New California Nearing Completion

by on September 22, 2018

What’s the next great Fallout mod coming out? What’s it about?

Fallout has been great to those who love to do modding, and one group has been working for years on a mod called Fallout New California. It’ll take the engine of Fallout 4 but give a whole new storyline based on the Fallout version of California. On the teams Facebook page, they made a post noting how close they were to completion.

“Just 3 more quick voice sessions and that is all complete, do a final master pass on audio gain to make sure all the little moments are at the right volume, then we’re done with that project,” began the latest development update before the launch phase of this project is “done.”

After that, only minor rewrites and dialogue tweaks will be needed:

“What will be left is fixing all the broken New Vegas copies of the companion dialogue. When we cloned those characters so they’d be safe going to vanilla new vegas it changed all their filenames. That’s several hundred files that need to be manually renamed, going back and forth between GECK and the file folder, finding the corresponding file name, and pasting the new name over the old one. Then when that’s done, make wav copies and generate lip files.”

Fallout New California is set to launch next month.

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