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Experience Massive Elder Scrolls Battles With Total War Mod

by on March 4, 2015

Remember the times in Skyrim when what was supposed to be a massive civil war seemed a bit underwhelming in scope? This total conversion mod for Medieval 2: Total War – Kingdoms seeks to provide a more epic experience.

The mod replaces the units from the strategy game with units representing factions that were active in the Oblivion and Morrowind games, 20 factions in all. The storyline stretches from 3E 427 y. – 4E 45 y., to cover events of the those games plus historic events like the Red Year and Storm Crown Interregnum.

It also contains some attempts at Elder Scrolls architecture, such as Vivec and the Imperial City. It is, to be fair, butt ugly, but strategy games aren’t really about graphics.

You can download the mod here and check it out.

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