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Etrian Mystery Dungeon Shows the JRPG is Still Kicking

by on March 12, 2015

RPG fans sometimes get gloomy when reminiscing about traditional Japanese RPGs. There was a time when the Chrono Triggers and Final Fantasies dominated, at least on consoles, but those glory days seemed to have faded a bit.

But they’re not gone completely, especially if you play on handhelds. Etrian Mystery Dungeon is living proof. A mashup of the Mystery Dungeon series and the Etrian Odyssey series, it’s hard to image a more specifically Japanese thing, and the fact that it’s getting a U.S. release April 7 on the Nintendo 3DS shows there’s obviously still interest in JRPGs in the west.

This latest video from publisher Atlus shows off the “Sovereign” class, basically a class in the game that has the advantage of being a king. Etrian Mystery Dungeon takes elements of both source games including infinite dungeons, party customization and unlockable skill trees.

Below we’ve also got an hour-long livestream video so you can check out how this combination works.

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