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ESO’s Console Editions Feature Voice Chat, New Control Schemes

by on February 16, 2015

ZeniMax has shared a few more details about the PS4 versions of The Elder Scrolls Online.

We already know that the console versions will be based on the new the buy-to-play version of the game, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited and will be out June 9, roughly a year after the originally planned launch date.

In a recent column the ESO Game Director Matt Firor gave further details about the console versions, which he said are different by necessity because there’s “a lot of variance” between the consoles and PC.

Firor said parallel teams developed the console version, so they take advantage of the unique features and services of the PS4 and Xbox One. They have voice chat and a completely new interface and control scheme. Firor shared an image of some of the controller mapping on Xbox One.

If you have been playing on PC and want to move your character to consoles, ZeniMax is making that possible. It seems like it will cost $20 and only be eligible to PC or Mac players who activated their game before June 30, 2014, though. Firor said more details will be available when the feature is released.



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