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Zero Escape 3 Now Has Official Title

by on November 2, 2015

Earleir this year we were pleased to report Japanese developer Chunsoft was finally going forward with the third game in the Zero Escape series of puzzle/mystery/novel titles. This week Aksys, the translation company that publishes the Zero Escape series in the West, revealed its official title: Zero Time Dilemma. They also showed off this artwork….

zero escape

Feels reminiscent of Saw, which some people have said bears resemblance to Zero Escape thematically (but with far less torture).

The secret ending of Zero Escape 2 (Virtue’s Last Reward) was a hint at the events of the third game and suggested time travel would play a role in its plot. It also suggested demented redhead Clover would again be part of the Nonary Game, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Zero Time Dilemma will be out Summer 2016 for 3DS and PS Vita.

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