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The Elder Scrolls Online’s First Emperor Speaks

by on May 5, 2014


Theelderscrollsonline.com has an interview with the first player to be crowned “Emperor” in the game, an impressive feat that requires dominating the Alliance War and the leaderboards, but at least you get a sweet set of custom armor.

The first Emperor is Morkulth, an Altmer sorcerer from the Entropy Rising guild. Morkulth’s strategy for becoming an Emperor involved lots of help from Entropy Rising and PRX, lots of time invested, and lots of trail mix to get him through long gaming sessions.

“I prepared by having lots of trail mix at hand if the fight was to go into the late hours of the night and making sure I stayed rested (physically). To stay motivated, I kept my eyes on the prize. My determination to be the best at anything and everything always keeps my mind focused on what I want to accomplish. I make sure that I don’t get sidetracked from my ultimate goal because the sense of accomplishment from completing my main goal keeps me motivated to try more ambitious goals,” Morkulth said.

The actual process of becoming an Emperor sounds like it could use a little more pomp, though. For Morkulth it involved opening a mail message to get his costume.

“It felt great to open up my mail and see a beautiful costume ready for use. I was elated that I had the support of great guilds like Entropy Rising and PRX, my trusty steed Moonbeam, and my mara partner Grimalkin. Without the combined efforts of everyone it could not have been accomplished. I did not know I was the first, but many members of Entropy Rising suspected that I was solely because of posts on the forums regarding the matter,” he said.

In the interview Morkulth repeatedly makes it clear that the way to succeed and find enjoyment in The Elder Scrolls Online is to play the social game, to meet like-minded people and pursue the same goals. He also encourages other players to 

“Everyone is important in Cyrodiil. Every member of every community is instrumental to an alliance’s success. Just because you might not be at the top of your leaderboards does not mean that you do not contribute to success. Every person counts, and without everyone there is nothing. The PvP in ESO is great and is very rewarding for members who lead large communities and allows a lot of different individual skills to be utilized to make the group great. I encourage everyone to find a group of people who they enjoy playing ESO with because it makes the content for Cyrodiil and Veteran content that much more enjoyable. I also encourage every player to try new things with their builds. Don’t be stuck in a cookie-cutter spec build that everyone is doing; find the new thing and push the boundary of what it means to be player. Instead of using a destruction staff for a mage type, try playing around with a restoration staff. ESO offers a lot to many different playstyles and rewards you for trying something new. Feel free to share your new build and discoveries on community websites. I am willing to bet that in two and three months from now that there will be new builds that today we could not have even imagined being viable. That is the beauty of an MMO—it encourages players to push themselves to have the biggest edge over others,” Morkulth said.

Check out the full interview here.

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