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Elder Scrolls Online Team Says It Is Still Working on Bot Issue

by on May 12, 2014

It’s no secret that The Elder Scrolls Online is plagued by bots. Bots farming bosses and gold and generally getting in the way and breaking immersion. At one point game director Matt Firor said bots and other black market activity accounted for up to 85 percent of customer service complaints. The video linked above shows how annoying it can be.

In a blog post today, the ESO team said it is working on measures to combat the invasion.

“We currently find bots that are farming and remove them from the game as quickly as possible. We’re always looking at other methods to discourage and reduce the amount of botting. However, the issue is tricky because we don’t want to hurt normal players by changing the gameplay or implementing draconian measures. So the methods we use have to be well-considered and involve many people,” the blog post said.

What do you think? Does that go far enough? Would you be willing to take the chance that some legit players are inconvenienced if it would get rid of the bots? 

The post also covered player questions about Trials, a new kind of encounter coming in the Craglorn update. The post lays out how Trials loot will be handled.

“Trial loot, like loot in the rest of the game, is instanced per player. Trial items are given out by two systems that are used in other parts of the game. Every opponent you kill in a Trial has a chance to randomly drop loot, with bosses having a guaranteed chance to drop several items for each player from a large list of possible items. The Trials will also have a weekly reward for completing them given out by The Undaunted, which functions similarly to how hireling rewards have been given—each player gets a box that contains a random reward,” the post said.

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