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The Elder Scrolls Online European Megaserver Moving, To Europe

by on July 28, 2014

Yeah, The Elder Scrolls Online’s European megaserver has actually been in North America this whole time. Which I’m sure is something that our European friends know, as they’ve lived with the trans-continental lag and all.

But no more. On July 30th the Megaserver will be moving to a shiny new datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany.

Today Zenimax posted an update about the move, saying European players can expect significant downtime, from about  8:00AM EDT to 5:00PM EDT that day. The North American server will be unaffected.

European player characters will be unaffected by the move and there will be no patch or update to download after, Zenimax says.

Unfortunately, if you’re a European who created a character on the North American megaserver because it was the same difference when it came to latency, you won’t be able to transfer that character to the new European megaserver.

[Source: Elder Scrolls Online]

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