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Dragon Quest 8 To Get 3DS Port

by on May 13, 2015

Check this out. Dragon Quest 8, the Playstation 2 game that remains the highest-selling title in the series for North America (that Final Fantasy demo might have had something to do with it) is about to be shrunk, rendered in three dimensions and released on the 3DS.

In addition to portability, the remastered game will carry various improvements like an orchestral score. “An orchestral score?? I want!” you might say. You already got it. The international release of DQ8 back in 2004 contained that score, which wasn’t finished in time for the Japanese release.

If you want this version of the game brought out Stateside, you’d better start begging. Square has been incredibly reluctant as of late to bring their handheld titles overseas. Dragon Quest 7 was made for handhelds and never localized. The most recent games from the company that have graced the DS and 3DS have only done so because Nintendo stepped in to localize them themselves. This happened with Bravely Default, a gamble that paid off with higher-than-expected sales numbers. There is a sequel to that game now, but we’ll have to wait for E3 (and maybe beyond) to know if anyone outside of Japan is getting it.

Like a Slime from behind, Dragon Quest 8 will be approaching Japanese stores on August 27.

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