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Diablo III Necromancer Beta Is Now Live and Playable

by on May 26, 2017

Per Blizzard Entertainment, the Necromancer beta test is now live for Dialbo III. So, players who received an invitation for the beta test can now take part. More details on the beta test and how to get started with it are available at the above link.

The Necromancer is a new character class who will be part of the upcoming PTR Patch 2.6.0 update. The full details and notes for the patch are also available at the above link. The Necromancer in the game is a master of the dark arts who can wield the powers of life and death in order to restore the Balance. Necromancers will be powerful spell casters in their game who can cast curses on their enemies and use the power of reanimation, including a group of obedient pets. Necromancers in Diablo III will utilized a controlled gameplay style using such raw materials as blood and bone.

Another new edition to the upcoming patch will be the Challenge Rifts. The Challenge Rifts will feature new builds that are created by other players for a weekly static dungeon. Players can then access these dungeons through the main game screen, not unlike Adventure Mode and Campaign Mode.

Diablo III is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, and Mac.

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